Crypto Analyst Chose Ethereum (ETH) Over Bitcoin (BTC); Solana (SOL) To Launch New Mobile Phone; Pullix (PLX) Presale Stuns Investors

A well-known crypto analyst, Crypto Rover, is considering trading Bitcoin for Ethereum after its poor price movement. Meanwhile, Solana wants to launch a new mobile phone. Also, Pullix, regarded as the best cryptocurrency, has left investors in amazement with its successful presale after raising nearly $4 million in just 5 weeks!.

Crypto Rover Wants To Sell His Bitcoin (BTC)

Crypto Rover, a renowned YouTube and X crypto expert, said he may buy Ethereum after a big Bitcoin selloff. He added that Ethereum has more potential than Bitcoin. “Spot Ethereum ETFs are scheduled to start in four months,” he said. The analyst also announced a huge Ethereum update in four months.

So, he expects the combined impact of these occurrences to boost Ethereum prices unprecedentedly. Surprisingly, he noted that he sold his Bitcoin last week after it soared close to $49k. Rover added that Bitcoin had about $200

Thus, he anticipates Bitcoin to surpass $43,500 before a significant drop. The analyst said he will buy Bitcoin when the price drops to $39,750. However, Crypto Rover added that if Bitcoin breaks the $44,500 barrier and survives, a big rally could follow.

Solana (SOL) To Launch Solana Mobile 2.0

Solana (SOL) plans to launch a new mobile phone, the Solana Mobile Phone 2.0. This device will have similar features to the Saga phone but come at a lower price.

This launch could affect Solana price, which has been moving sideways and staying between $80 and $100 in the past month. This comes after the alt coin peaked at $125 last December. Despite the current selling pressure, Solana bulls are in action, absorbing the available supply below $90.

This has led to reduced price rejection candles, increasing the likelihood of a bullish reversal. If the Solana price rises above $100, the upward trend may run into substantial resistance at $120 and $150. However, if bears gain the upper hand, the Solana price could drop below the $80 mark in the coming weeks.

Pullix (PLX) Presale Leaves Investors in Shock

Pullix (PLX) price has jumped 100% from $0.04 to $0.08 and scored a listing on CoinGecko. Currently, it has sold over 70 million tokens. This new ICO offers distinguishing features that entice investors from all over the crypto world.

Pullix is a hybrid trading platform that mixes the best elements of both centralized (CEX) and decentralized (DEX) exchanges. It provides tight spreads and no costs, so traders don’t have to pay high expenses. Another exciting feature is anonymous trading. You can start trading with an email address without detailed identification verification (KYC).

One PLX is now worth $0.08. As the presale progresses, the alt coin is anticipated to appreciate. Analysts expect a 580% increase by the end of the presale period. Investors are rushing to buy the PLX cryptocurrency before its price skyrockets.

The PLX token is valuable because it gives you privileged access, the ability to earn passive revenue through staking, access to revenue sharing and other benefits. They also expect that the token’s value will increase by more than 100x after its launch in Q1 2024.

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin’s price movement has been in the past week despite the ETF approval. Currently, Pullix presale is the talk of the town after its latest listing on CoinGecko. Analysts have tagged it the best cryptocurrency after its latest price surge with it tipped to have the potential to 40x upon launch.

For more information regarding Pullix’s presale see links below:

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any projects. Read the full disclosure here.


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