3 Best New Crypto Tokens To Invest In, Friend.Tech (FRIEND), ETFswap (ETFS) And Popcat (POPCAT)

Investors in the crypto industry are always searching for assets with the potential to yield high returns. This article discusses the 3 best crypto tokens currently gaining traction in the industry and helping investors make massive yields on investments. They are Friends.Tech (FRIEND), ETFswap (ETFS), and Popcat (POPCAT).

Friend.Tech Launches V2 And Airdrops FRIEND Tokens 

Decentralized social network Friend.Tech (FRIEND) on May 3 launched a V2 upgrade of its platform, which coincided with the release of its token FRIEND for trading on the Base network and the distribution of its token airdrop. According to DEX on-chain tracker DEXscreeener, over 14.5 million tokens are currently in circulation. 

The Friend.Tech (FRIEND) V2 launch indicates a comeback for the protocol, which initially launched in 2023, raising over $1.42 million in just 24 hours. In just two weeks into the crypto space, the protocol registered over 100,000 users, generating over $25 million.

Friend.Tech (FRIEND) recorded this massive success due to its innovative approach of transforming social media connections into tradable assets through tokenization. Currently, the token is worth $1.62, according to data from Coinmarketcap.

Popcat (POPCAT) Spearheads Solana Meme Coins Resurgence

Cat-themed meme coin Popcat (POPCAT) has shown remarkable resilience in the past week, even as the market just began recovering after a severe bearish trend. Also, Popcat (POPCAT) has secured its spot among the top meme coins in the industry and toppled Solana-based meme coin BOME with an over $570 million market cap, according to SolanaFloor.

Additionally, crypto analysts like Murad believe the coin will reach $5-$10 in the short term, surging to $1 immediately after the coin increases above $0.63. 

Currently, Popcat (POPCAT) is worth $0.69, just 4.5% below its all-time high of $0.71, according to data from Coingecko

ETFSwap (ETFS) Raises Over $350,000 In Crypto Presale

ETFswap (ETFS) is a blockchain platform that aims to bridge the gap between traditional and decentralized finance by tokenizing exchange-traded funds (ETFs). By bringing ETFs on-chain, traders will be able to invest in several assets on a single interface and monitor the progress of each asset before investing to minimize fund loss. 

ETFswap will also feature leverage trading, enabling experienced traders to trade with up to 10x leverage, boosting their earnings. Further, as a DeFi platform, new users can access the network without needing to fill out a Know Your Customer (KYC) form. That way, they won’t divulge personal information that can make them vulnerable to identity theft. 

Also, investors will be able to diversify their portfolios through fractional ownership and earn passive income by making their tokens available to the platform staking pool. ETFswap (ETFS) also intends to ally with other giants in the DeFi sector to work towards the growth of decentralized finance. 

The platform has kickstarted its presale stage 1, enabling all participants to profit when stage 2 kicks off at a higher price of $0.01831 per coin. In stage 1, all investors who participate can earn a 100x yield on their investments when the token surges to the $1 mark and rises by 10,000% once it’s listed on exchanges. 

Investors who saw the success of stage 1 are currently rushing in to get a share of this undervalued asset. 

The number of tokens sold out has risen to over 50 million, generating revenue of over $400,000. Stage 1 is another excellent opportunity to grab this token before it’s too late to significantly boost your portfolio when the asset reaches its full potential. So, take action today!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any projects. Read the full disclosure here.

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