Why Its Trendy to Be Sad and Depressed and Why You Need to Grow Up

It’s 2021 and we are barely coming out of a pandemic, it comes as no surprise that the trending mood for teens and young adults is being sad and depressed. Sad Emo Rap is one of the most trending genres of music among young teens who are obsessed with artists like Juice WRLD and Polo G to name a few. Moreover, young teens are looking up to celebrities who carry a similar “depressed” and apathetic image that matches their music, Billie Eilish being the perfect example. Acting in this melancholy, apathetic and emo way is just the way teenagers try to be cool.

I know this sound harsh, but young kids and teens are very good at imitation. They imitate public figures or people that they want to be like, but the real problem is imitating sadness and depression when you’re perfectly fine is a real stab to the heart to individuals who actually had traumatic experiences that actually have a reason to be depressed.

We all went through a pandemic and we all suffered losses in our own way. Self-loathing, sadness and pity doesn’t make you cool or attractive, instead it makes you a burden and a pain in the ass to deal with. If you are truly depressed or have issues in your life, then you need to see a therapist or a psychiatrist and face those issues head on. If you refuse to seek medical care but continue to act sad and depressed and seek attention from family and peers then you’re just a selfish asshole.

Its okay to be a selfish asshole as long as you don’t try to manipulate people by seeking empathy as a source of attention. Luckily we live in a free society where we have the freedom to express our feeling and emotions in any way we want, one of which is apparently being sad and depressed. I hope that the trends change to where its cool again to be happy and healthy, it seems that if you’re not sad or depressed these days you’re labeled a cold hearted narcissist.

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