What’s Next for Ethereum Price After Halving, Spot ETF Approval Unlikely as Investors Diversify With ALGT ERC-20 Tokens

As the Bitcoin halving event and spot ETF approval date draw closer, Ethereum is in a critical position. With a very low likelihood of receiving approval, despite much attention being directed at the surging price of Bitcoins, Ethereum enthusiasts are anxiously waiting to know what the future holds for their preferred digital asset.

While interest in an Ethereum ETF is declining, investors are looking for alternative ways to diversify their investment portfolios. One such project gaining traction involves ALGT, a native token of Algotech, a decentralized algorithmic trading platform. Offering the promise of advanced technologies and automation, this presents a lucrative opening for investors who want more than traditional cryptocurrencies.

Analyzing Ethereum Price Amidst Halving Speculation

With Bitcoin halving around the corner, many crypto enthusiasts wonder about Ethereum’s future after this event. Unlike Bitcoin’s halving, which has historically resulted in a price boost, it is hard to predict whether the same will happen to Ethereum.

Currently, ETH is trading at $3,503.32 with a 5% drop over the last 24 hours, but ETH experienced a 6% rebound from its March 29th lows, following Bitcoin’s (BTC) 5.8% bounce. Despite these gains, bullish momentum remained subdued, urging caution for long traders. Technical indicators suggested increasing selling pressure and bearish short-term sentiment, even as exchange reserves dwindled, indicating accumulation.

Overvaluation seemed unlikely due to the neutral position of RSI at around 50 and undervaluation according to the 30-day MVRV ratio, which implied a lack of any other wave for selling. Nevertheless, decreased Daily Active Addresses and a declining Social Dominance chart indicate weakening social engagement and persistent sales pressure that implies possible further losses despite the increase in Open Interest.

Ethereum ETF Approval Doubts Grow Amidst SEC’s Silence

As Bitcoin approaches its halving event, there is speculation that the United States will not approve Ethereum ETFs. Indications show that regulatory hurdles may block the launching of such investment products despite investor enthusiasm. With the SEC exhibiting its unwillingness to consider and comment on Ethereum ETF filings, optimism is no longer there.

SEC’s May deadline could disappoint issuers like BlackRock and Fidelity, which anticipate approval for Ethereum ETFs. Further complicating matters is the regulatory uncertainty surrounding how Ethereum should be classified, making the regulatory environment difficult for ETF issuers to navigate.

Investors Flock to ALGT Token, Ongoing Presale Raised $3.7M

Against the backdrop of regulatory uncertainty and ETF rejections, investors are turning to Algotech native token ALGT (ERC-20 tokens) as a viable alternative. The ongoing presale of ALGT has garnered significant attention, with the project’s ongoing presale raising over $3.7 million. The platform’s cutting-edge technology and commitment to empowering traders through intelligent trading strategies are resonating with investors seeking innovative solutions.

Algotech offers a broad scope of algorithmic strategies designed to optimize client success and provide transparency and scalability. It strives to limit possible losses and improve trading performance within changing financial markets by having a solid technical infrastructure and sophisticated risk management techniques. Moreover, because of its decentralized nature, it ensures that its users enjoy safe and reliable trade.


Bitcoin’s upcoming halving is a chance for investors to take advantage of both sides of the cryptocurrency market divide. Even though it is still possible that Ethereum prices could rise sharply, some regulatory obstacles seem to put question marks on its future potential in terms of ETF approvals. However, investors are seeking alternative options like Algotech’s ALGT ERC-20 tokens to sieve through the ever-changing financial world. 

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