What Is The Mantle Network (MNT)? All You Need To Know

Key Takeaways

  • Mantle achieves its speed and cost benefits by using a powerful combination of optimistic rollups, modular architecture, and efficient data availability.
  • Mantle leverages optimistic rollups to process transactions significantly faster and cheaper compared to Ethereum.
  • Mantle Network is a game-changer for Ethereum users and DApp developers, offering a faster, cheaper, and more secure experience.

What is Mantle Network?

Mantle Network is a Layer 2 scaling solution built on top of Ethereum that uses optimistic rollup technology. This means it can process transactions much faster and cheaper than Ethereum itself, all while benefiting Ethereum’s top security.

What Makes Mantle Unique?

  • Faster Speeds & Lower Costs: Mantle allows for quicker processing and more affordable transactions.
  • Ethereum Secure, But Faster: Mantle leverages the security of Ethereum’s battle-tested network for peace of mind.
  • Easy for Developers: Built with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility, existing Ethereum DApps can seamlessly deploy on Mantle when it launches.
  • Backed by Industry Leaders: Developed by BitDAO, a DAO launched by the centralized exchange ByBit and supported by big names like Peter Thiel and Founders Fund.

How Mantle Network Works

Mantle uses a three-way approach to achieve faster and cheaper transactions on Ethereum:

  1. Optimistic Rollups & Security: It collates transactions together for faster processing on the Mantle network (Layer 2) while leveraging security from the Ethereum mainnet (Layer 1). Multi-Party Computation (MPC) nodes further enhance security in Layer 2.
  2. Modular Architecture: Transaction happens on the faster Mantle network, while final settlement and security rely on the strong Ethereum blockchain.
  3. Efficient Data Availability: Powered by EigenLayer’s EigenDA, Mantle utilizes Data Availability (DA) nodes to store transaction data and ensure its accessibility for verification. This keeps transaction fees low.

This combination allows Mantle to offer improvements in speed and cost compared to traditional Ethereum transactions.

Features of Mantle Token and Governance

  • Transaction Cost-Saving: Compared to Ethereum’s high gas fees, Mantle offers a significant reduction thanks to EigenDA technology. It’s even cheaper than other Layer 2 options like Optimism.
  • High Performance: Mantle offers a fast transaction speed compared to Ethereum’s slow processing. Block confirmation times are around 10 milliseconds, ensuring quick and responsive transactions.
  • Enhanced Security: Having Ethereum’s security foundation, Mantle utilizes Multi-Party Computation (MPC) nodes for additional block verification. This aims to tighten security and reduce potential challenges.

Is Mantle for You?

If you’re an Ethereum user tired of high fees and slow transaction times, Mantle Network is worth exploring. It offers a faster and more cost-effective way to interact with the Ethereum ecosystem.

Final Thoughts

Mantle Network presents a solution to Ethereum’s scalability issues. By combining optimistic rollups, a modular architecture, and EigenLayer’s efficient data availability, Mantle offers faster transaction speeds and lower gas fees compared to Ethereum. This enables a more attractive environment for DApp development and user experience. Security remains essential, as Mantle benefits from Ethereum’s strong foundation and adds another layer of verification with Multi-Party Computation nodes. 

On top of that, existing Ethereum DApps can be easily moved thanks to EVM compatibility. With its focus on speed, affordability, and security, Mantle Network is a strong contender to become a game-changer for the Ethereum ecosystem.

Via: 2Usethebitcoin.com

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