What is Edain? The Key to the Tree of Knowledge

There have been several crypto-related projects related to the market, but few of them have proposed such an ambitious approach to making knowledge accessible to everyone. The goal is to basically empower humanity’s full human intelligence by eliminating the human knowledge gap. 

The project claims to be a fully developed and functional AI-powered big data analytics system that aims at collecting and processing data from different sources. Edain wants to make it possible to create new knowledge at a rate that has never been seen before. 

Thus, Edain could be considered one of the most promising projects in terms of data science currently being developed. In the next sections, we will go through all the details about Edain and why this could be a clearly revolutionizing project in the crypto industry. 

What is Edain?

Edain is a new and promising AI project that wants to change the way in which data is collected, processed and analysed. In this way, this could become one of the most ambitious projects in the data science industry, as it could create new knowledge at a large scale. 

The new Extended Data Inventory created by Edain is expected to be the largest in the world. It would become one of the largest knowledge repositories available to anyone around the world. In this way, individuals, and companies can get access to all the data they need to perform their analysis and unlock new levels of knowledge for the whole world. 

In order to get access to the network and the information provided by this repository, users would need to use Edain’s proprietary tradable license keys (EAI). These tokens are available to investors that want to get exclusive access to these coins. 

With the new dynamically expanding library of knowledge that would be created thanks to Edain, analysts would have the chance to get unique data to carry out their research projects. The scope of their investigations can be very different, including social trends, political outcomes, geopolitics and risk identification, among others. 

Edain, indeed, could help policymakers analyse data more thoroughly before making a decision. This is something that can also be applied to companies and individuals that have to make important decisions in different industries. 

It is worth mentioning that Edain network is working with DELL Technologies as its infrastructure partner, making it possible for the whole network to create the necessary knowledge for the C+8 Knowledge Vault. 

Edain Tokenomics

The project works with the EAI token. The token provides access to users around the world to one of the largest data repositories in existence. This token has a fixed lifetime supply of EAI 470.000.000 and the goal is to create adequate scalability for the long term objectives proposed by this project. 

EAI distribution would take in three stages: early, middle and last call. The early distribution would take place between September and November 2021. The Middle stage would be held between December and January 2022. Finally, the last call stage would take part in February 2022. 

After all the sales are completed, the public sale would be on March 22nd. 

Staking Rewards

The project is also going to be offering staking rewards to users. But what are all these rewards all about? The AI-based environment that they want to create would have large sets of information and dynamic data. Analysts would need to understand the behaviour of the data and the correlations that there might exist between different data sets. 

By staking EAI, users would be making history by being part of the Knowledge Revolution proposed by Edain. Additionally, it would give a chance to early adopters to become active participants of a new and game-changing technology.

There are several crypto projects that are currently offering staking rewards. These tokens are usually available to stake on different platforms and exchanges. This would allow investors to earn rewards by holding the EAI token. 


The team behind the Edain project is formed by Prof. Dr. Hardy F. Schloer, Prof. Dr. Mihai I Spariosu and Prof. Dr. Adela Fofiu. 

Prof. Dr. Hardy F. Schloer is a German data scientist and systems designer that works as the Managing Director of Schloer Consulting Group and also as the CTO of Prisma Analytics GmbH. 

He has been working on a wide range of fields related to artificial intelligence and the philosophical nature of intelligence. In addition, he has invented several technology patents and he created the Quantum Relation Theory (QRT). 

Furthermore, there are several developers that are working on this project. This shows that there is a team of experts ready to take this project forward in the coming years. There is a large difference between projects that have unique and recognized experts and a project that works with people that have no experience in the underlying industry they want to change.

Official Token Launch

On September 22nd, Prisma Analytics GmbH and CryptoDATA Tech would launch the Tradable License Key (EDAIN) in Munich, Germany. This would be a very important step forward for the project as it would make it possible for investors to get access to one of the most promising tokens in the crypto market right now. 

Users that purchase the EAI token would have access to the knowledge that is generated by the C+8 platform, which has been developed by Prof. Dr. Hardy F. Schloer. In this way, every single human would have access to the transformative and unique solutions offered by this AI environment. 

About the official launch of the project and the token, Prof. Dr. Hardy F. Schloer said:

“The Edain TLK represents the key to access C+8 Technology®, and implicitly, access to a vast central knowledge repository that is designed to become the largest, most accessible knowledge source in human history.”

The project expects the token to be publicly sold for around $1 in March 2022. Although this could be a reality, it will be the market to decide which is going to be the final price of this coin. 

Final Words

Edain is a project that wants to change the way data scientists get data. The new platform that Edain wants to develop is going to make knowledge widely available for individuals, experts and companies that want to analyse and understand the world and how it works. 

With the EAI token, investors would not only be able to get access to the Edain network, but they would also be able to earn rewards thanks to the staking option offered by this project. In the coming years, this could definitely be one of the most promising platforms to be released.

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