WazirX Running Grand Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) Giveaway [Participate and Win]

Hedera Hashgraph is a distributed public ledger blockchain network based on Hashgraph which is an aBFT (asynchronous Byzantine Fault Protocol) consensus algorithm that provides fair transactions and a high degree of network security on the platform. Hedera is an immensely popular network and trusted by some of the leading global organizations like Tata Communications, LG, Boeing, Google, IBM, etc. 

But what makes Hedera stand out from the rest of the blockchain ecosystems? Unlike other blockchains which are based on the PoW (proof-of-work) consensus protocol, Hedera uses the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism that consumes less energy, can process super-fast transactions at 10,000 transactions per second, and fees as low as $0.0001 per transaction. Furthermore, the aBFT algorithm not only assures high transaction speed at affordable prices but provides high-degree security to the network. HBAR is the official token of the platform that serves multiple purposes.

Grand HBAR Token Giveaway

On 12th March, Hedera is organizing a grand token (HBAR) giveaway on the WazirX platform. There will be a host of interesting activities where you can participate and buy, sell, trade, or win cash or token prizes.

So, can you withdraw or deposit funds too? No. At present, you cannot deposit or withdraw HBAR tokens from your wallet to WazirX but you can do it in the INR/USDT market. However, WazirX is planning to include this feature on their platform and soon you can withdraw/deposit funds from any wallet to WazirX.

Program Schedule:

AMA with Nigel Clark

Want to know more about Hedera Hashgraph? Participate in the AMA program with Nigel Clark and get answers to all your questions and learn more about HBAR. In part 1, Nigel will answer the top 10 questions crowdsourced from Heber’s Twitter network. In the second part, Nigel will answer questions live on the Telegram group. Lucky winners of the top 10 questions on Twitter will win cash prizes of $100 and $50 for the top 5 live questions on the Telegram group. 

Highest Trader Kaun Marathon

  • Date: Monday, 15th March to Wednesday 17th March, Monday, 22nd March to Wednesday 24th March
  • Time: 9 AM IST

On 15th March, WazirX will host its first trading contest from 9 AM onwards and will go non-stop till Wednesday 17th March. The second trading contest will be hosted on 22nd March and will last till 24th March, Wednesday. The total prize of the contest is INR 6,45,000 ($8,600) for the 48-hour long trading marathon. The minimum value for participation is INR 5,000 or 330.85 HBAR. Prizes will be distributed to the top 140 contestants. They are offering ₹12,90,000 worth HBAR in Highest Trader Kaun Marathons!

HBAR Quiz Contest

Interested candidates can participate in the fun quiz contest and answer questions related to HBAR and win exciting prizes. To participate you have to join the Telegram discussion group. The top 10 answers will win prizes. You can win prizes from $10 to $100.

Trivia Contest

The WazirX Trivia Contest is another exciting way where you can test your knowledge about Hedera and HBAR and win prizes. For that, you have to follow the WazirX Instagram account for the latest updates. On 16th March, WazirX will host an Instagram story where they will ask 5 questions and you have to give the correct answer. For every correct answer, lucky winners will win 49.63 HBAR.

During the grand giveaway, the HBAR price will be fixed at $0.2015 (INR 15.1125). All lucky winners will get their prizes within 25th March.

Via: https://coinfunda.com

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