WazirX Organizing a Grand PUSH Giveaway [Participate and Win]

EPNS (Ethereum Push Notification Service) is developing the world’s first communication primitive (EVM and non-EVM both) for Web3 starting with notifications. With the help of EPNS decentralized protocol, any dApp, smart contract or backend can send notifications to user wallet addresses in an open, multichain, and platform-agnostic fashion that allows any crypto wallet/frontend to tap into the network and get communication across. 

EPNS mainnet was launched on Jan 11th and the project is backed by 35+ top VCs and Angel investors including Binance Labs, Nischal Shetty, Balaji Srinivasan, Sandeep Nailwal (Co-founder, Polygon), DeFi Dad, and more.

WazirX is a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform that has recently launched its PUSH campaign. They are offering a grand prize giveaway to their early investors. Join now if you want to win some free coins! 

WazirX and Ethereum push notification service (EPNS) have teamed up for various activities, including the upcoming giveaway. You may also participate in other events organized by them. 

PUSH is listed in WazirX, and it’s available for purchase and trade in the following markets: INR and USDT. Join the campaign by participating in this giveaway worth $25,000.


Giveaway Schedule:

  • Thursday, January 27th – Monday, January 31st – Signup on WazirX and get Free $20 Worth of PUSH.
  • Thursday, January 27th – Harsh Rajat, Founder of the Ethereum Push Notification Service Network, will be live on YouTube.
  • Friday, January 28th – Saturday, January 29th – Quiz on our Blog page with $300 prizes. Win by demonstrating your PUSH knowledge in a fun quiz session.
  • Tuesday, February 1st – Thursday, February 3rd – 48-hour Highest Trader Kaun Marathon with prizes totaling $12,24,750 ($15,000) in PUSH for the top 350 traders.



WazirX and EPNS have teamed up to offer new users a special welcome offer. EPNS is offering up a total of $10,000 PUSH tokens to its first 500 new members that join and buy/deposit PUSH via WazirX!


How to claim: 

  1. Create your account on WazirX and authenticate your identity via ID verification.
  2. Buy or deposit any quantity of $PUSH into your account.
  3. Valid for the first 500 people who join and buy/deposit PUSH during the campaign.



  1. Qualified users will get $20 value PUSH tokens.
  2. The prizes are restricted to only one per user, i.e., they can be redeemed just once and not repeatedly.


Quiz Session: 

During a fun quiz session, a test of your PUSH knowledge.

Schedule: Friday, January 28th, 6 PM – Saturday, January 29th, 6 PM IST.

Where: WazirX Blog 

How to participate? 

  • Go to this blog page.
  • There will be ten questions in total.
  • Select the correct answer.
  • Just one entry for each user is permitted.


  • First place: $45
  • Second through fifth place: $20 each
  • Prizes for the sixth through tenth places are $15 each.
  • Prizes for the 11th through 20th places are $10 each.


Live on YouTube 

Participate in Archit Sinha’s live conversation with Harsh Rajat, Founder, Ethereum Push Notification Service Network, to discover everything about PUSH Token. 

When: Thursday, January 27th, 5 PM IST

Where to watch: https://youtube.com/WazirX


Highest Trader Kaun Marathon: PUSH/INR

Prepare yourself for a nonstop 48-hour trading contest with additional prizes and opportunities to win!

 How to participate?

  • The trading challenge will run from February 1st, 9 AM to February 3rd, 9 AM IST.
  • You may enter the contest at any moment between Tuesday and Thursday.
  •  PUSH! a total reward of $12,24,750 ($15,000). Prizes are awarded depending on your trading success over 48 hours.
  •  Timing of the contest: Tuesday, February 1st, 9 AM – Thursday, February 3rd, 9 AM IST


Terms and conditions for receiving rewards: 

  • The user must register at www.wazirx.com and complete KYC and Bank Account verification. During the campaign, users must purchase or deposit any amount of PUSH. 
  • Only the first 500 signups will be eligible for the incentives. 
  • Rewards are only valid until January 31st, 2022, at 9:00 PM IST.

Points to remember: 

  • WazirX is not required to pay any taxes in connection with the distribution or use of any prize.
  • WazirX has the right to reverse money if any suspicious conduct is found or suspected without prior notification. 
  • If a reward is limited or forbidden by law, it is invalid. 
  • The incentives are restricted to one per user, which can only be redeemed once. 
  • WazirX maintains the right, in its sole discretion, to change or terminate the giveaway terms and notification at any time and for any reason, with or without previous notice.


Note: For the duration of the offer, the PUSH price will be regarded to be $1.3248, i.e., 108. All rewards will be delivered by February 18th, 2022.


Risk Warning: Crypto trading has a high level of market risk. When trading freshly listed tokens, please ensure that you do a thorough risk assessment since they are often prone to extreme price fluctuation. WazirX will attempt to choose high-quality coins but is not liable for any trading losses.

Link to the official announcement: WazirX Blogpost

Via: https://coinfunda.com

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