WazirX Is Organizing Grand BICO Giveaway [Participate and Win]

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are the future. Some call it the next internet. Some just call it pixie dust. They both could be right. The technology is too complicated for most people to use. That creates a problem for developers who want to make applications on it. It also creates a problem for users who want to use those apps.

DApps are becoming an established way for businesses to reach out to their customers. They make everything easier, faster, and decentralized. However, DApps also have a steep learning curve with all the crypto wallet intricacies, gas, tokens, and blockchain complexities. The concept of DApps is getting a lot of traction but what is stopping it from becoming fully mainstream is the way they interact with the blockchain. As more DApps come up the blockchain becomes more complicated and so does the process of using them.

As time progresses, we see more and more sensationalized news about the crypto space. One of the main concerns on user experience is the complexity of managing crypto wallets and the transactions that occur on blockchains. Nowadays, users need to be proficient with crypto wallets, deal with gas and confirm transactions across various chains. That’s not the user experience that any app aims to deliver!

Biconomy is here to change all that. We are a collection of products that aim to make the user experience as simple as using a normal website. Biconomy is a relatively new name in the sphere of blockchain and DApps. However, we have been around for almost a year now, securing partnerships with some of the most significant players in the global blockchain ecosystem. Over the past year, we have been developing our products and building our tech stack which has now been integrated with close to a 100+ popular DApps, providing seamless user experience for end users across all the major blockchains.

Biconomy is a decentralized cross-chain network that seamlessly connects different blockchain networks together. The Biconomy ecosystem is an open platform that enables seamless cross-chain transactions and DApps interactions between different blockchains. Biconomy aims to be the service that brings interoperability to the decentralized web by making it easy for users to access DApps on multiple blockchains. Biconomy is for all users and developers, no matter their level of blockchain experience.

Grand BICO Giveaway

WazirX is in the process of becoming India’s most popular and trusted cryptocurrency exchange. They’ve partnered with major cryptocurrency exchanges across the globe and helped people trade cryptocurrencies with ease. BICO is now listed on WazirX and is also available for purchase, sale or trade on WazirX in USDT and INR markets. You can store your BICO coin in their secure, insured wallet after purchase.

WazirX and Biconomy (BICO) have partnered to increase the user base for both platforms. The giveaway is a part of their Bico-WazirX partnership. The partnership includes a host of activities and amazing giveaways for you!

Оn WаzirX, BICO is giving аwау BIСО tokens worth а tоtаl оf $30,000 tо the first 1500 new customers that jоіn uр аnd рurсhаse оr deposit any quantity of BIСО. The users will get a chance to win BICO tokens worth INR 25L. We invite our readers to take an active part in this giveaway to get a chance to receive BICO tokens.

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