WazirX is Listing Injective Protocol (INJ) and Offering Giveaway

The Injective Protocol is getting listed on WazirX, One of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in India, on Monday, November 23, 2020. A Giveaway has been planned for its promotion. It is a part of the WazirX rapid listing initiative. Although deposits and withdrawals are not available yet, that is going to start soon. Till then you can still enjoy trading the INJ.

The injective protocol is the brand new decentralized exchange protocol. It allows users to trade spots, swaps, and futures in a completely permissionless way. Users will also be able to create their derivatives and create markets for them on the injective protocol. Implement as Cosmos SDK module. 

Benefits of injective protocol

Fast and cheap – being a layer-2 cosmos zone, the injective protocol does not have to put up with the congestion that other Ethereum based protocols do. 

Interoperability- the users can trade assets from both the cosmos ecosystem and the Ethereum network. Due to the fact that it is built on the cosmos, it allows for the exchange of more than just erc20 assets.

The only fully decentralized exchange- Injective protocol is trying to achieve the point where their decentralized exchange infrastructure is a public utility. This makes it different from its competitors. It includes the ability of the user to add a crypto asset that they think people will want to trade.

INJ has joined hands with WazirX to offer giveaways. 

Giveaway Schedule

  • Monday, 23rd November: AMA with Eric Chen, CEO & Co-Founder of Injective Protocol, to learn everything about INJ. Prizes of $150
  • Tuesday, 24th November: INJ trivia contest on WazirX Instagram page with prizes of $30. Learn interesting trivia about INJ & win
  • Tuesday, 24th November: Quiz Time with WazirX in our Telegram group with prizes of $500. Show off your INJ knowledge in a fun quiz session & win

AMA with Eric Chen

To participate in this giveaway, join the live AMA session with Eric Chen, CEO & Co-Founder of Injective Protocol on Monday, 23rd November, 7 PM IST.

Link to join AMA: https://t.me/wazirx_discuss

Part 1: Eric Chen will be asked 10 questions related to INJ. These questions will be obtained from the Twitter fanbase’s questions based on INJ. 

Part 2: The group will be unmuted for 10 minutes at the end of the session so that the audience can post their questions too, and Eric will try to answer as many questions as he can. 

Giveaway prize

  • 10 best questions will be selected from Twitter, and the person who has posted those questions will be awarded $100 each.
  • Similarly, 5 questions will be selected from the telegram group, and the person who’s question got selected will get $50 each. 

Instagram Quiz

A trivia contest will be conducted on Instagram, and the exciting thing is, there is a prize for every single correct answer. The time for this exciting trivia is 24 November, 12 PM IST. 

Steps to be a part of these exciting giveaway games and quizzes 

  • Follow WazirX on Instagram here: instagram.com/wazirx
  • In the interval of 3 minutes each, they will be sharing 3 questions on the Instagram story.
  • Select the right answer 

Giveaway prize

$10 will be provided to each lucky winner of 3 questions. i.e. one person will be selected from all those who gave the correct answer and the prize would be given to one person per question.

Quiz time with WazirX

Ding dong! 

Time to demonstrate your knowledge of INJ is a fun event and wins exciting prizes. The quiz will start at 6 PM IST, 24th November.

The link for the quiz is https://t.me/wazirx_discuss

Here we are listing out some resources for you to refer to,

For more details about the giveaway, you can join the WazirX discussion group on telegram using the link given here – https://t.me/wazirx_discuss 

There is also a quiz you can participate in, join this discussion group, and answer all 10 questions.

Giveaways Prize

  • 1st prize: $100
  • 2nd-5th: $50 each 
  • 6th-25th: $10 each.

Get ready for some real fun at the giveaway events. 

Happy Trading!

Via: https://coinfunda.com

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