WazirX is Listing Frontier (FRONT) : Activities And Giveaways

WazirX, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in India, has recently announced its grand partnership with Frontier and FRONT giveaways starting on December 7, 2020. So, what is Frontier and how does it benefit WazirX and its crypto holders? Let us dig a bit further.

What is Frontier (FRONT)?

The DeFi sector has grown immensely over the past few years that has called for the aggregation of DeFi services across several platforms for the convenience of its numerous users. Frontier is a chain-agnostic DeFi aggregator that supports multiple blockchains like Solana, Polkadot, Binance, Ethereum, Kava, etc. More than that, Frontier has recently amalgamated with multiple wallets like MetaMask, Formatic, Coinbase, Trust Wallet, etc. Furthermore, it supports “wallet composabilityvia TxLink that helps users to perform several functions like staking, DeFi applications, gaming dApps, etc. Users can download Frontier easily from Apple and Google Play stores.

WazirX-FRONT Giveaways

WazirX will launch Frontier (FRONT) on its exchange on December 7, 2020. Users will now be able to buy, sell, and trade FRONT in the USDT market. The good news is that users can also earn free giveaways by participating in a host of activities on the exchange.

Trading Schedule

  • Traders can now buy and sell FRONT in the USDT market
  • Users can deposit FRONT tokens from any wallet to the WazirX wallet
  • They can also withdraw FRONT tokens from their WazirX wallet

Announcements & Programs

WazirX has organized a host of activities and takeaways for its valued participants. Sounds interesting? Here is a list of activities that you can do. Take a look!

8th December, Tuesday: AMA with Palash Jain

Time: 5 PM IST

Place: https://t.me/wazirx_discuss

WazirX hosts a live AMA session with Frontier CMO Palash Jain. Crypto enthusiasts can now participate and ask their questions and clear doubts. What more? Participants asking the top 10 questions from Twitter and the top 5 live questions from the Telegram group can win prize money of $150 worth FRONT. Sounds interesting? Here are the contest guidelines.

Contest Guidelines: Palash Jain will give answers to the top 10 questions gathered from the Twitter group and 5 from the Telegram group. At the end of the session, viewers will get a chance to ask questions to Palash as well.

9th December to 10th December: Highest Trader Kaun Marathon

Time: Wednesday (9 AM IST) and Thursday (9 PM IST)

Participate in the 36-hour long back-to-back contest and grab the opportunity to win prizes worth $11,350 (INR 8,75,000) on your trading performance.

Contest Guidelines: To qualify, contestants need to trade at least 203 FRONT tokens or INR 5,000. Winners will be selected on the basis of their trading value.

11th December, Friday: FRONT Trivia Contest

Time: 12 PM IST

Place: https://instagram.com/wazirx

Coming up, another exciting contest for crypto lovers. On 11th December, check out WazirX Instagram page and get a chance to win prize money of $30 by participating in the FRONT Trivia Contest. For every correct answer, lucky winners will win 31.48 FRONT tokens.

Contest Guidelines: Follow WazirX Instagram page for live updates. Watch out for their Instagram story. Every 3 minutes, the Instagram story will ask 1 question and you have to give the correct answer. Lucky winners will get exciting prizes.

11th December, Friday: Quiz Time with WazirX

Time: 6 PM IST

Place:  https://t.me/wazirx_discuss

Are you a crypto expert? Then hire your knowledge to win grand prizes worth $500 by taking part in the WazirX quiz time hosted by the Telegram group.

Quiz Guidelines: Here is what you have to do. Join WazirX Discuss telegram group and take part in the quiz program. There will be 10 questions and you have to give the correct answers. The prizes vary from $10 to $100 worth FRONT.

14th December, Monday: FRONT Airdrop

The fun doesn’t end here and there is more good news for crypto holders. On 14th December, WazirX will be airdrop FRONT worth $5000 for its top 500 WRX holders.

Note: The entire giveaway has been estimated to be around FRONT value $0.317684 (INR 24.617) and all that ends by 19th December 2020. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up!

Via: https://coinfunda.com

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