Watch These Coins Closely for 10x Returns – Sui, IOTA, Pomerdoge

POMD Learn why Sui, IOTA and Pomerdoge are some of the best altcoins to get in 2023 for 10x gains.

Investors and traders who are looking for altcoins with 10x returns have turned to Sui (SUI), IOTA (MIOTA), and Pomerdoge (POMD). By analyzing each altcoin and its future potential, we can have a look at what kind of gains we can expect. As a result, we will be looking at the on-chart data for each altcoin and will see how far they will climb.


  • Sui to spike $0.76 by the end of 2023
  • IOTA expected to rise to $0.21
  • Pomerdoge to surge by 10x at launch

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Sui (SUI) On-Chart Data

The Sui (SUI) cryptocurrency traded at $0.589801 on August 8, 2023. Moreover, during the past week, the Sui cryptocurrency saw its low point at $0.565512, with its high point at $0.649237. That being said, Sui’s on-chart data is in the green zone, as the cryptocurrency has not fallen tremendously during the overall bear crypto wave.

In fact, in the last 24 hours, the Sui crypto is up in value. With a trading volume of $85,781,475 and a market cap of $426,113,975, the Sui cryptocurrency ranks 95th. Based on the Sui price prediction, the cryptocurrency is expected to reach a value of $0.76 by the end of the year.

IOTA (MIOTA) Growth Potential

As for the competing altcoin, IOTA (MIOTA), it’s also been in the green zone based on the weekly performance. As of August 8, 2023, it trades at $0.172391. During the past week, the IOTA crypto saw its low point at $0.167526, with its high point at $0.178032. 

It has a market cap of $479,002,147 and a 24-hour trading volume of $7,038,884. According to the IOTA price prediction, it can reach a value of $0.21 by the end of the year.

Pomerdoge (POMD) Future Price Outlook

While Sui and IOTA do indeed showcase solid stats, the POMD token is projected to surpass them in growth as it is expected to pump in value at launch. Unlike other meme coins, Pomerdoge does things a bit differently and establishes an entire ecosystem. It will reward players based on their time and efforts spent on it.

There’s Pomergame, a dedicated P2E environment where players complete quests and explore a virtual world with their Pomer. Once their Pomer reaches Gold Status, they can enter the Pomerplace. Moreover, this dedicated marketplace enables anyone the opportunity to simply buy, sell or trade any in-game valuable they’ve collected.

POMD is the ecosystem’s native token, and it costs just $0.007 to get now during the early presale period. Upon its launch, it can spike in value, and only holders of this altcoin will be able to interact with specific ecosystem elements.

For example, there’s a 7,777 NFT collection that will be released soon. Only holders will be able to buy these NFTs. As a result, POMD has a high level of utility and high-growth potential and can provide 10x in returns.

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