UseTheBitcoin Market Update (ADA) | May 20th, 2024

Let’s examine the insights shared by our Technical Analyst at UseTheBitcoin as he walks us through his personal trading approach and observations on Cardano (ADA).

Technical Breakout

Technical analysis reveals a notable breakout from resistance levels, particularly on April 13th, when ADA struggled to surpass specific barriers. However, after multiple failed attempts, ADA finally broke free and retested its former resistance levels.

Technical indicators such as the 20-day moving average (20MA) indicate a promising trend for ADA. Previously serving as a resistance level, ADA is now trading above the 20MA, suggesting potential upward momentum. 

Additionally, a bullish divergence in the Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicates a shift in selling momentum, potentially leading to increased buying activity.

Whale Activity

Beyond technical analysis, recent news regarding Cardano whales has also captured attention. Reports indicate a 10% increase in holdings by Cardano whales, signaling confidence in the asset. Whale activity often influences smaller investors, potentially driving further market activity and price movements for ADA.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the analysis suggests a promising outlook for Cardano (ADA). While traders and investors should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before making decisions, the combination of technical breakouts and whale activity suggests an optimistic trajectory for the token soon.

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