Users of QuickSwap DEX can now execute limit orders natively thanks to Gelato

Starting today, users of Polygon’s original AMM and most popular decentralized exchange, QuickSwap, can now execute limit orders natively.

Thanks to Quickswap’s native frontend integration of the Gelato automation network – all Quickswap users can perform automated trading at their specified price points in the market; without having to be online just at the right time clicking buttons to seize the opportunity.

Limit Orders

Native limit orders are quickly becoming one of the most requested features in DeFi. Yet to date, even AMMs such as Uniswap still offer no native Limit Order capability in the pure sense on their native UI. Many users on AMMs are just presented with the option to go and buy at the current market rate.

Gelato set out to remove this barrier for decentralized exchange developers with two npm libraries: limit-orders-lib and limit-orders-react.

“Using Gelato’s limit-orders-react library enabled us to add limit-order functionality to our AMM and frontend in no time; and with batteries included.”
– Sameep Singhania, founding member of QuickSwap



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