Torum closes $1.45M funding round to create social media platform with NFT & DeFi integrations

Torum, a social media platform specially designed for cryptocurrency users, today announced that the project has closed a $1.45M private round engaged by 13 private investors which consist of AU21 Capital, Momentum 6, Lotus Capital, Consensus Lab, Redline Blockchain Capital, Waterdrip Capital, Angel One, Hotbit, Oasis Capital, N7 Labs, Skywater Capital, IDC, Worshipper Capital.

Social Media + DeFi + NFT on Binance Smart Chain

Based on Binance Smart Chain, Torum seeks to build a crypto social media platform that is integrated with NFT and DeFi functionalities. With the resources and connection from its VC team, Torum seeks to venture into NFT and DeFi spaces and continuously introduce new use-cases to the crypto industry.

Crypto Social Media + XTM Token

Launched on July 1st, 2020, Torum emphasizes gamification elements and token utility to bring the best crypto social experience to the crypto space. In the future, Torum strives to become an adoption bridge that connects the general public into the crypto industry.

XTM, the native token of Torum that is obtained as part of the ecosystem incentive, can be used for at least 10 different purposes, including gift purchase, content boosting, and NFT trading. The revenue generated by the ecosystem will be redistributed back to the Torum community through various gamified methods specially designed by the team.



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