This New Bitcoin Alternative Is Challenging Solana and Chainlink

Competition is an ordinary occurrence in the digital currency arena. The cryptocurrency ecology is often bombarded with new and exciting projects that outperform older ones that fail to evolve with increasing technological advancements. Projects like Solana and Chainink were once regarded as hosts of some of the most advanced technology reforms in the industry, challenging old-generation blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, their technology differs from what Bitcoin Spark brings to web3 participants.

What is Solana?

Solana is a digital platform powered by blockchain technology to deploy decentralized applications using smart contracts. The digital platform mainly fosters the growth of non-fungible tokens that have greatly revolutionized the art industry. Solana hosts one of the largest NFT marketplaces, Magic Eden, which rivals Ethereum’s OpenSea NFT marketplace. The native digital asset of Solana is SOL, which is used as a medium of exchange for NFT buyers and sellers on Solana-based NFT marketplaces, as well as catering for transaction fees when NFTs are transferred within the ecosystem.

What is Chainlink?

Chainlink is a decentralized network of oracles interlinking blockchain technology with off-chain data. The system of oracles is powered by LINK, a cryptocurrency that settles transaction fees in the network as well as acts as the reward token for network validators. Chainlink focuses on disrupting a unique virtual cloud computing field that many developers overlook. Besides providing oracles for off-chain and on-chain connections, Chainlink offers a world-class developer experience that enables cross-chain communication, which is vital in enhancing the interoperability of smart contracts on different platforms.

What is Bitcoin Spark?

Bitcoin Spark is a DeFi ecosystem developed to offer a high-performance blockchain network with a gasless, self-sustaining ecosystem. The network’s utility and gas token is BTCS. The smallest fraction of BTCS is called a spark and is equivalent to 0.000000000001 or 10^(-12) of a BTCS. 

BTCS has a maximum capped supply of 21 million, and smart contract audits reveal that the team cannot create more tokens after the initial mint. 4.3 million BTCS have been minted on Ethereum to support the now-ending ICO event that has been going on for months. Bitcoin Spark’s end goal is to top other Bitcoin alternatives by providing massive value to DeFi users. BTCS is also the gas token of the ecosystem until the developers implement the gas-less network feature that will eliminate all fees charged to community members transferring tokens and other digital collectibles on the Bitcoin Spark mainnet.

While other Bitcoin alternatives clone Bitcoin’s underlying code, Bitcoin Spark developers figured out a way of providing multiple use cases of the network while solving Bitcoin’s shortcomings. One of the developers’ dedication is narrowed down to Bitcoin Spark’s overall security and protection of investors from cybercriminals. The team is working with three white hat hackers to ensure the beta tests of the mainnet are flawless and effective and all vulnerabilities are eliminated. The loopholes that hackers may use to compromise the ecosystem will also be sealed as beta testers interact with the platform’s execution layer.

Bitcoin Spark sprouts amid incoming Mega Bonus

Search engines have indicated an increased volume around Bitcoin Spark since the team announced a mega token giveaway involving BTCS tokens. The team has scheduled a historic giveaway to end the ongoing ICO event in style. The ICO is in phase 10 (the final phase), and the team has raised $5 million throughout the event. The giveaway will be hosted to give investors who did not participate in the concluded presale rounds a chance to redeem themselves. Those following the ICO event are now counting on another opportunity to add their holdings and become BTCS whales shortly. Details concerning the bonus will be relayed on social media, and participants are urged to stay updated by following the channels for official communications.

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