Third largest Russian bank begins to request origin of funds in case of suspicion of crypto exchange operations

One of the clients of Tinkoff Bank, third largest Russian bank. shared a screenshot of the message received from the support service. In the letter, the bank asks for confirmation of the legal origin of the money spent.

Sergey Mendeleev, the founder of the Garantex crypto exchange, posted on the social network a screenshot of the letter received by one of the clients of Tinkoff Bank. In it, the client is asked to provide proof of income, and also clarify whether his operations are related to cryptocurrencies. In addition, the bank requires to send screenshots from the personal account of crypto-exchanges, confirming that it belongs to the bank’s client, as well as documents confirming the payment of taxes.

The complete list of documents requested by the bank takes two screenshots:

  • Document confirming income.
  • Clarifications on the economic meaning of the transactions made.
  • Information about the period of making crypto-exchange operations.
  • Documents confirming the payment of taxes according to the submitted declaration.
  • Notarized screenshots from the personal account of cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Notarized screenshots of the account statement of cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing to unambiguously identify the amount, date and sender of the payment.
  • Notarized screenshots from the personal account of the counterparty (buyer) of the crypto-exchange that made the purchase.
  • Notarized or bank-certified receipts of transfers or card statements of the senders for the last three transactions for the sale of cryptocurrency, reflecting information about the sender’s full name.

The requirement to provide screenshots from personal accounts and account statements of senders, that is, third parties, deserves special attention.

A representative of the bank in the comments to Mendeleev’s post confirmed the existence of such a practice.

“We study transactions on clients’ accounts and, if we notice that some of them fall within the criteria described in the ‘Methodological Recommendations on Increasing the Attention of Credit Institutions to Certain Operations of Individual Clients of September 06, 2021 No. 16-MR’, we request documents for checks. We are obliged to pay attention to the methodological recommendations of the Central Bank in accordance with Russian Federal Law #115, a representative of Tinkoff Bank wrote.

Mendeleev claims that such letters have recently been sent to dozens of the bank’s clients.


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