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Education is the most vital part of a human’s life. Especially in the crypto space where many people are still novices and are less exposed. Today, we review something spectacular that has emerged in the crypto space.


5 young talented ‘Cryptopreneurs’ started with ROI Dapps that hit 2nd place on Dapps Radar. With an established community of close to 34,000 members, they learnt the community’s behavior, studied their common misconceptions and their user’s needs and they analyzed their own community’s appetite for high-risk Dapps. This was possible through their daily zoom meetings and their very own Telegram Group.

Out of this, the TronHero Academy was born and it officially launched on January 21st, 2021. They believe that education should be given free and should be shared with as many as possible. They saw a need for this when they executed their ROI Dapps.

TronHero Academy is FREE to sign-up and to join for a limited time period before they eventually close their membership intake. The mini-courses that the academy has, are mainly related to Blockchain, Smart Contract, TronScan, DeFi, and cryptocurrency-related content. They have launched their very own app which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

They have great plans to turn the academy into something that no one has done to date (which will be disclosed soon ).

They are imparting all this education before the launch of their next project because they believe that smart investors make smart investment decisions, which we all tend to agree with.

With their upcoming project, they are entering the DeFi space with their exciting DeFi platform where investors will enjoy risk-free earnings of tokens by simply staking their TRX. They can then go on to use these tokens in various upcoming applications built within the DeFI ecosystem. Their token will be free to mine with TRX and there will be no ICO listings.

The cherry on top will be their referral program as investors with successful referrals will earn up to 10% of their referee’s investments for the duration of the stake. It can’t really get better than this.

In conclusion, the TronHero Management team encourages all (platform) readers to register free at and to be educated and ready for the launch of their DeFi platform.

Follow their social media channels:

Telegram Groups:

  • @tronheroecosystem => Updates Channel
  • @tronhero      =>  Ecosystem Group
  • @tronheroroi   =>  ROI Platform Group
  • @tronheroacademyofficial => Academy Group

Twitter: @TronHeroTeam


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