The Crypto Bull Market is Here – How High Can Solana, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Spark Go?

The cryptocurrency industry has entered a new bull market, according to a number of prominent market analysts. Notable price gains have already been achieved by altcoins such as Solana, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Spark. But how high have experts projected these three altcoins to rise in the bull market?

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Solana (SOL) Has Surged Above $40, is $100 Possible?

The Solana price experienced an unexpected breakout in October. The price of Solana coin surged by more than 70% to cross the $40 mark for the first time since August 2022. The price surge was linked to the strategic partnership forged with Amazon Web Services.

Solana has also recorded an increase in institutional investment throughout 2023. James Mullarney, the host of “InvestAnswers,” also shared bullish sentiment for SOL. However, several key resistance levels are to be watched as the Solana chart moves toward $100, including $47.83, $54.40, and $62.10.

The price forecast from VanEck is even more bullish. The Solana price prediction stated that SOL has the potential to rally as high as $3,211.28 by 2030. The growth of the Solana network was hinged on its growth that boasts network unmatched data throughput.

Ethereum Has Reclaimed $1,800: How High Can ETH Go?

Although Ethereum was not the standout performer in the recent bull market, it notched some gains. The Ethereum price chart burst past the $1,800 resistance for the first time since August.  Analyst Geoff Kendrick wrote that Bitcoin’s halving spot ETF approval will benefit the Ether.

The Ethereum forecast from Standard Chartered suggested steady growth before an explosive rally. According to the report, a 400% rally over the next few years should be expected. The Ethereum price chart has been predicted to hit $8,000 by 2026.

However, the long-term price movement for ETH is even more bullish. After this slow phase, the price of ETH has been forecasted to increase as high as $35,000. However, this estimate was given considering increased use cases and revenue for Ethereum.

Bitcoin Spark (BTCS) Could Reach $50 in the Bull Market

Attention has been turned to Bitcoin Spark, not as a Bitcoin hard fork, but as an improvement of the original network. The Bitcoin Spark team has introduced improvements that have earned BTCS the title of the best new crypto to buy now. The most talked about improvement is the integration of smart contracts.

Bitcoin has lacked support for smart contracts since it launched in 2009, one of its most talked about limitations. Bitcoin Spark has solved this problem and also combined Bitcoin’s security, efficiency, and transparency in a bid to build one of the best-decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystems.

Transaction speeds have been a noteworthy addition to Bitcoin Spark. Bitcoin has been limited to processing seven transactions per second (TPS). Bitcoin Spark has created a hybrid consensus mechanism, Proof-of-Process (PoP), to increase the TPS of the network.

Bitcoin Spark has caught the attention of the crypto industry because of the improvements it has brought to Bitcoin. Analysts have predicted a rally to $50 in the next bull market. However, investors still have an opportunity to join the crypto presale early, where BTCS trades at $3.50 per token.

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