SwiftPass and Wallyt will use Findora’s zero-knowledge blockchain for payments

SwiftPass, a mobile payments service provider in Asia, and Wallyt, a Hong Kong-based company that provides international mobile payments and open banking solutions, have announced that they will integrate their solutions with Findora. Findora is a blockchain network that leverages zero-knowledge proof technology to ensure privacy for financial transactions while remaining auditable.

“The worldwide pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation trend in many areas, and more and more businesses from a multitude of industries show a growing interest in adopting blockchain technology,” said CEO of Wallyt, Tong Liu. “Among its peers, Findora has a unique approach to financial systems, with a balance between transparency and privacy for building a large-scale transaction network. We are excited to partner with Findora and, together, provide more Fintech solutions.”

Wallyt’s global presence and SwiftPass’s expansive platform and user base are ideally suited for Findora’s confidential ledger. The use of Findora is expected to provide enhanced data safety and privacy for the financial institutions and other clients they serve.

“Findora Development Foundation is excited to partner with two dynamic platforms in Wallyt and SwiftPass, in the constantly evolving Fintech and payments sector.  The Findora blockchain’s unique approach to combining cryptography and blockchain will help Wallyt and SwiftPass achieve both confidentiality and auditability,” said F.I.R.S.T. Director of Findora Foundation, Paul Sherer. “Wallyt’s global footprint combined with Findora’s breakthrough technology, will help expedite the creation of secured financial transactions as the new industry standard. By using Findora, Wallyt and SwiftPass will pioneer projects to fully unitize the zero-knowledge blockchain middleware as well as application-side API/SDK built for strategic application development.” “We are excited to partner with SwiftPass and Wallyt.  The commitment towards digital transformation in the payments space aligns with Findora’s goals of creating confidentiality and immutability”.

Findora’s zero-knowledge technology provides an efficient way for users to perform complex operations on fully-encrypted data, ensuring full confidentiality and immutability. In addition, Findora’s zkLDB comes preloaded with a wide suite of privacy-preserving audit tools that are fully-compliant and enable advanced auditability. SwiftPass and Wallyt will utilize Findora to provide a robust array of APIs and SDKs, catering to a variety of financial industries.

Source: findora.org

Via: https://www.cryptoninjas.net

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