Stride ($STRD) Airdrop Guide

Key Takeaways

  • Stride is a blockchain platform within the Cosmos ecosystem focused on liquid staking.
  • It allows users to stake their tokens from various Cosmos chains and receive liquid staked tokens (stTokens) in return.
  • Stride conducted an airdrop program to distribute its STRD tokens and incentivize participation.

What Is Stride?

Stride is a liquid staking solution designed for the Cosmos / Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) ecosystem.

Basically, you can liquid stake your tokens from any Cosmos chain using the platform and earn both staking and DeFi yields across the ecosystem.

How To Qualify For An Airdrop?

Stride is very similar to MilkyWay‘s liquid staked TIA (stTIA), except it is a little bit later to the party.

To Join:


👉 STEP 1: Head over to Stride’s staking page at

👉 STEP 2: Stake Celestia (TIA) tokens to receive staked TIA (stTIA).

👉 STEP 3: You are now earning $STRD tokens. You can track your daily STRD allocation on the airdrop page at

👉 STEP 4: Hope for the best!


  1. The allocation period of the airdrop will last 150 days and will be split into two separate phases.
  1. The first phase will last 60 days. Each day, 50,000 STRD will be allocated pro-rata to addresses holding stTIA in eligible locations.
  1. The second phase of the airdrop will last 90 days, and 22,222 STRD will be allocated pro-rata to eligible addresses daily.
  1. Once a stTIA holder is allocated an airdrop, they must wait 180 days before they can claim their STRD tokens.
  1. Unclaimed tokens will be returned to the community pool managed by Stride’s community governance.

Final Thoughts

That’s about it for this airdrop guide! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on our official social media channels. Good luck!


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