Statistics: number of crypto ATMs in the world doubles in a year and exceeds 16,000

The number of ATMs providing services for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies more than doubled over the year and reached 16,300.

According to Coin ATM Radar, there are currently 16,348 ATMs installed in the world. As of March 2020, their number was just over 7,000 ATMs, while a year earlier, in March 2019, there were only 4,364 bitcoin ATMs.

More than 45 crypto ATMs are installed in the world every day. The installation speed jumped more than six-fold compared to the winter of 2019, when the speed of bitcoin ATM installations stood at 7 ATMs per day.

The vast majority of all bitcoin ATMs are located in North America. The USA is the world leader by installed crypto-ATMS. The United States accounts for 82.8% of all operating crypto ATMs in the world (13,539 ATMs). The second place is occupied by Canada with 1,198 ATMs. Great Britain with 208 bitcoin ATMs stands at the third line in the world rating. It is worth noting that while the number of ATMs is growing in North America, it is falling, on ​​the contrary, in the UK. In March 2020, 282 bitcoin-ATMs were installed in this country. Austria, the second-largest country in Europe by the number of crypto ATMs, has 151 installed bitcoin ATMs. Asian region accounts for only 1%, or 170, of the total number of operating crypto ATMs in the world. Almost half of them operate in Hong Kong (84 machines), and Georgia ranks second in the Asian region by the number of crypto ATMs (25 machines). In Latin America, Colombia leads by a wide margin with 37 operating crypto ATMs.

The largest crypto ATM manufacturers are Puerto Rico-based Genesis Coin and Czech Republic-based General Bytes. They account for 38.6% and 27.3% of the global crypto ATM market, respectively. The third place is taken by the Canadian BitAccess with a 9.6% share of the crypto ATM market.

Almost all installed crypto ATMs support bitcoin. The opportunity to purchase any altcoins (Litecoins, ETH, BCH, Dash and others) is given only by 11205 ATMs.


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