SnapEx Starts 2022 as World’s First CFD Platform with Launchpad and Staking

Off the back of a highly successful token sale that concluded in December 2021, SnapEx will be launching its in-platform Launchpad and Staking services on Thursday, January 27, at 9pm.

Building on top of its platform token and its status as the world’s first crypto CFD platform with its own platform token and ecosystem combining both CEX and DeFi features, SnapEx aims to usher in its next era of growth in accordance with its roadmap, bringing in additional use cases for its platform token, SNAP, and offering an existing platform of 200,000 users to up-and-coming projects to seek for funding on the SnapEx platform.

Initial projects will focus on GameFi, SocialFi, NFT projects, and Marketplaces, to allow users to benefit from the early-stage growth of emerging and developing projects.

Speaking of this development, SnapEx CEO Cathal Donnellan said, “We have been in the process of scaling our operations considerably over the last three months, with the launchpad integration and the staking platform launch offering a glimpse into what is coming up in February, with more features to be released which will further augment the status of the SNAP token and increase its utility to continue delivering long-term value to holders.

SnapEx has continued to add new partners – following on from the successful token launch, – securing over 50 strategic partnerships with some of the leading names in the crypto space to continue its journey to offer its users the most comprehensive trading experience of any CFD trading platform.

What’s Next for SnapEx

While there have been talks of a second centralized exchange listing in Q1 of 2022 following its partnership with ABCC Exchange, SnapEx has been working on a variety of other projects and features, including the following that will be coming up before the end of March, including:

  • The SnapEx NFT Drop
  • SnapSwap
  • SnapSwag
  • First Launched Projects
  • Cross-Staking
  • Copy Trading
  • Social Trading

From its beginnings as a simple contract trading platform, SnapEx is rapidly evolving into becoming a unique, one-of-a-kind trading ecosystem for its users.

About SnapEx

SnapEx is a fast-evolving derivatives trading platform providing innovative derivatives products to the retail and institutional markets. Founded in 2018, SnapEx has since been funded by some of the world’s leading Venture Capital organizations, setting the stage for SnapEx to scale and grow even further, with its presence in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

SnapEx is set to become the only crypto derivatives platform to provide both an Ecosystem and a Platform Token to its audience. Serving over 200,000 registered users, SnapEx will be offering an all-in-one suite of both CEX and DeFi, staking functionalities, licensed crypto stocks, quant, and copy trading, options trading, and more.

The aim of SnapEx has been the same since day one – to bridge the gap between traditional and digital finance and encourage the mass adoption of cryptocurrency globally.


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