SmartKey to integrate with GeoDB to develop blockchain-based data ecosystem

SmartKey, a blockchain-based integration platform, has taken another step in creating the smart cities of the future with a formal integration with GeoDB, a peer-to-peer big data sharing ecosystem.

The implementation will see SmartKey initially deliver car and mobility data via GeoDB to data buyers representing big data & market intelligence segments, such as AboutGoods, Abacus, Nisgo, Flame Analytics, or Datalytics, who will use it to provide data-driven analytics to leading global brands such as Carrefour, McDonald’s, Telefonica, Audi, and many others.

Over time, SmartKey will also provide smart city and smart home data, including utilities, weather controllers, pressure sensors, temperature gauges, liquid level movement, and mobile solutions (GPS and GSM). It’s important to mention that GeoDB SDK, which is integrated with data providers’ applications, is designed to operate only with the behavioral data of a user and never with private information, making the GeoDB data consumption process fully GDPR compliant.

SmartKey technology provides a universal standard for device communication, with data handled on the blockchain rather than the cloud. This is a critical component for future smart cities where SmartKey hopes to connect all utilities, public transport, and infrastructure.

GeoDB focuses on creating bridges between current isolated participants and aims to solve the enormous big data industry’s existing inefficiencies. Both protocols will collaborate to optimize the data-sharing ecosystem and create a new way to use entirely secured blockchain data. The initial integration is based on high-quality data feeds with secure and reliable on-chain/off-chain connections. It also has the flexibility to connect with any type of off-chain API.

The collaboration is the first one that supports creating a SmartKey smart city ecosystem. The ecosystem is the first step to a fully automated, easy-managed, and easily accessible city of the future based on community power and sharing economy mechanisms. This is the first blockchain solution of its kind in the world and will allow other operators to take advantage of simply combined and shared data.

All SmartKey-enabled devices such as smartphones, IoT devices, and software applications will be collecting loads of data. Such large amounts of data are practically useless if one cannot derive valuable insights. This is where GeoDB comes in. GeoDB tech will be integrated within each of these devices, giving all SmartKey users instant access to additional income by sharing their anonymous device data. Multiple big and small corporations can use this data for various analytics. One can find patterns between large data sets and create actionable insights that could be leveraged for multiple executable functions.

Vehicles using SmartKey IoT sensors can collect loads of data, and GeoDB will make it available in all connected marketplaces. Once processed, data collected by the tools can be used by several departments, ranging from marketing, R&D, and sales, and for other actionable purposes. All the users will be able to earn extra income by sharing this anonymous data.



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