Smart Trader Rakes In Massive Gains With $TROLL And $ZUZALU Surges

In a remarkable feat, a savvy trader managed to turn a modest $300 investment into an impressive $1.03 million in just 10 days by strategically trading the $TROLL token. 

The trader’s keen observation of Elon Musk updating his Twitter profile to “(CTO) Chief Troll Officer” prompted a quick move. They withdrew 4.313 ETH ($10,113) from Binance and invested 4.3 ETH to acquire 19.37 trillion $TROLL. 

Subsequently, the trader sold 9.37 trillion $TROLL for 5.318 ETH ($12,467), effectively recouping the initial investment.

$TROLL Hits 132,002% In The Last 30 Days

$TROLL’s statistics are nothing short of astonishing, showcasing a 53% surge in the last 24 hours, an incredible 1,431% gain in 7 days, an outstanding 57,501% surge in 30 days, and an extraordinary 132,002% increase in the past 90 days. 

The trader currently holds 10 trillion $TROLL, now valued at an impressive $1.03 million.

Traders Make Massive Gains On Zuzalu Memecoin

In another noteworthy development, the MEME token $ZUZALU experienced a significant upswing following a tweet mentioning “Zuzalu” and a reply from Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. 

Seizing the opportunity, a shrewd trader invested 0.4 ETH ($1,031) to acquire 58 million $ZUZALU after noticing Vitalik’s engagement. Within three days, the trader made a substantial profit of over $490,000.

Expanding their investment, the trader spent a total of 10 ETH ($25,000) to purchase 69.19 million $ZUZALU, eventually selling 42.05 million $ZUZALU for 55.6 ETH ($140,000). 

Currently holding 27.14 million $ZUZALU, valued at $378,000, the trader has achieved a remarkable total profit exceeding $490,000.

These instances underscore the dynamic and opportunistic nature of cryptocurrency trading, where swift and well-timed actions can lead to substantial gains.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any services.

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Image Source: peshkova/123RF // Image Effects by Colorcinch


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