Rising Cryptocurrencies in a Volatile Market: Solana (SOL), Cardano (ADA), and Golteum (GLTM) Make Waves

Few cryptocurrencies are making names for themselves in this period where many are experiencing falls. Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA) are one of these cryptocurrencies, as their recent rise has made a lot of traders bend toward them. However, in these, Golteum (GLTM) seems to be making an even louder statement. Its promise for security and continuous rise makes even more sense due to the project securing some tier-1 partnerships and teases some exciting announcements ahead.


Solana (SOL) Shows Resilience with Impressive Performance

Solana used to be one of the best-performing tokens in the crypto market especially with its remarkable rise. However, the past several months since the FTX crash has been rought for the token. Solana (SOL) trades at $16.58 with recent market price action and it looks towards a bull run to regain some value.

Already down by over 90% from its all-time high, SOL’s price fell following the SEC’s categorization of the token as an unregistered security in its case against Binance and Coinbase. Furthermore, market instability throughout the period contributed to the coin’s value dropping event more. However, things appear to be improving for Solana due to the recent Bitcoin (BTC) pump.

Cardano (ADA) Gain Momentum Amidst Cryptocurrency Market Declines

Cardano (ADA) is another cryptocurrency categorized as unregistered security by the SEC and the token has suffered some significant price loss since then. Although Cardano (ADA) looks to bounce to its price level prior to the SEC news. However, Cardano is a network particularly about building and the network also recently launched network upgrade to reduce epoch.

The network has some prospects but Golteum (GLTM) is a better fit for the current market condition.

Golteum (GLTM): A Cryptocurrency with Promising Security and Asset-Backed Stability

Golteum is a Web3 DeFi platform that enables multi-asset trading and manages precious metals ownership and crypto assets in a single seamless interface. Golteum merges the possibilities of the precious metals industry with benefits of cryptocurrencies to open up DeFi possible for investors who own precious metals.

Golteum employs a truly decentralized model unlike existing platforms in the industry. Golteum has no control over the precious metals assets and tokenizes the assets stored in vault with other partner firms. These reserves are monitored in real-time using Chainlink’s Proof-of-Reserve and users can also opt for physical redemption to receive their physical assets.

Golteum has teamed up with Fireblocks to help it establish a top-tier trading platform. The Fireblocks Web3 Engine, which includes custody services, treasury management, risk mitigation tools, and a precious metals NFT tokenization mechanism, is integrated into the project. This alliance is part of Golteum’s objective to make precious metals investment available to Web3 users.

A precious metals-backed asset is universally acknowledged to have a high worth. In times of financial instability, such as ours, precious metals has proven to be recession-proof, providing its holder’s security and stability.

Since its private sale, GLTM has achieved tremendous success. GLTM’s price increased by more than 80% between its private sale and the end of the first round of the pre-sale phase, from $0.0074 to $0.012. Analysts believe holders could earn up to 700% or more by the end of the presale period. This is in addition to the 15% presale incentive available to holders.

Now is the best time to place your bet on the most promising cryptocurrencies in the market. Buy Golteum (GLTM) NOW! And claim 15% bonus tokens.

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