Ric Edelman, Best-Selling Author, Shares Cryptocurrency Investment Advice

Ric Edelman, a personal finance author and investor has defined his preferred method for navigating the digital asset markets.

In a recent interview with Real Vision, Ric Edelman, founder of the Digital Assets Council of Financial Professionals (DACFP), revealed that he is “overweight” in his cryptocurrency investments.

The investor asserts that many investors, particularly newcomers to the space, would be better off staying with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Edelman holds more Ethereum than Bitcoin due to his belief that Ethereum may have a greater level of commercial application.

Edelman recommends a crypto portfolio that primarily consists of Bitcoin and Ethereum. According to him, Bitcoin, being the oldest and the largest cryptocurrency, has the potential to be the last survivor in case of any market crash. 

Ethereum, on the other hand, has a greater level of commercial application and, thus, is a promising investment. He personally owns more Ethereum than Bitcoin but suggests investors consider building a diversified crypto portfolio with just Bitcoin and Ethereum, as these two digital assets currently represent 70% of the total crypto market.

Edelman refers to Bitcoin and Ethereum as the “Coke and Pepsi of crypto” and suggests that investing in these two major cryptocurrencies could provide a solid foundation for a cryptocurrency investment strategy.

Ric Edelman is an advocate and investor in the Bitwise Top 10 Crypto Index Trust (BITW), which aims to mirror a collection of the ten biggest digital assets.

Edelman urges investing in the Bitwise Top 10 Crypto Index trust as a way to diversify one’s cryptocurrency portfolio. As a grantor trust, the Bitwise Top 10 Crypto Index trust is market cap-weighted and comprises the top ten coins. Edelman believes that this trust is similar to the S&P500 of crypto and that it offers a good balance between established and emerging cryptocurrencies.

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