Relictum presents its proprietary NFT marketplace at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Moscow

29th September saw the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference take place in Moscow, Russia, where leading crypto experts and developers gathered from around the globe.

Among the speakers were Relictum Pro CTO, Alexander Strigin, who spoke in detail about one of the hottest topics in the cryptocommunity, that is, NFTs, and presented Relictum NFT Marketplace.

Relictum NFT is a marketplace built using Relictum Pro, a unique Blockchain 5.0 NFT protocol. The platform will have an unparalleled set of features. Content creators will get to enjoy more than just high quality tokenisation capabilities, but also inclusive copyright mechanics, token “aging” mechanics, free transactions within the Relictum network and bridges to other blockchain and much more.

The marketplace has three branches: 

  • Premium, for select creators;
  • World, everyone is welcome;
  • Design, a niche platform for designers;

Any creator, co-creator or agent will automatically receive royalties, should any be written into the NFT, as the Relictum Pro network allows.

The Relictum NFT marketplace has been getting popular with investors, collectors, artists and tech experts who understand the future of the technology. A fully decentralised application within every Relictum node will soon be made available to everyone. The platform already accepts the first batch of artworks for tokenisation!

If you are interested in the Relictum NFT and the NFT technology built on the Blockchain 5.0, you can contact our deputy CEO Ksenia Bashlay: Telegram @itlady / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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