PUSH Project Listing and Giveaway on WazirX [Participate and Win]

Ethereum PUSH Notification Service or EPNS is a decentralized notification protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain network for sending notifications. The DeFi user-centric protocol allows you to get instant notifications from smart contracts, web3 services, or dApps into your mobile phones, tablets, web browsers, or crypto wallets. What more? You can also earn cryptos for receiving notifications.

Broadly speaking, despite the rapid development in Blockchain technology, there is still a lot missing. Blockchain technology does not send you instant alerts of its services and requires you to constantly check your emails for notification alerts. EPNS bridges that gap between users and the blockchain ecosystem and makes communication easy through instant notification alerts. So, no more peeping into emails for alerts. Simply activate your EPNS push notification service.

Android and iOS phone users can download the EPNS app and sign up for the notification service. $PUSH is the official token of the EPNS protocol. $PUSH token holders have voting rights in the blockchain community and can earn up to 70% of the network fees as rewards.

PUSH Listing Schedule and Giveaway on WazirX

On 22nd April, Thursday, PUSH will announce its listing on WazirX. Users can trade, buy, or sell PUSH tokens in the INR/USDT market and also get a chance to win exciting prizes. You can also use your WazirX wallet to deposit and withdraw PUSH tokens.

Giveaway Program Schedule

AMA with Harsh Rajat and Richa Joshi


On 22nd April, Thursday WazirX is hosting an AMA session with Harsh Rajat and Richa Joshi, co-founders of the EPNS project. You can participate in the live interactive session and ask questions about the project and clear doubts. In Part I of the session, the group will be muted, and Harsh and Richa will answer 10 questions crowdsourced from Twitter followers. In Part II, the group will be unmuted for 10 minutes and you can ask questions live. The best part of the session is that you can earn rewards for asking questions. The top 10 questions asked from the Twitter group and the top 5 questions from the Telegram group will get an opportunity to earn rewards of $100 and $50 respectively.


Highest Trader Kaun Marathon

  • Date – 26th April, Monday to 28th April, Wednesday and 3rd May, Monday to 5th May, Wednesday
  • Time – 9 AM IST

Take part in the 48-hour long non-stop trading marathon and get a chance to win prize money up to INR 8,28,200 ($10,000). The marathon is divided into two contests. You can take part any time in any one or both of the contests. Trade more and earn cash rewards!


Quiz Contest

To participate in the fun quiz contest, you need to join the WazirX Telegram group. A total of 10 questions will be asked and for every correct answer, you can earn prizes from $10 to $100.


Trivia Contest


Follow our Instagram account and join in the fun Trivia contest that will be hosted on WazirX on 27th April, Tuesday. Follow our Instagram story and earn prizes for answering questions. A total of 5 questions will be asked and for every correct answer, you can earn 1.5625 PUSH tokens.

Via: https://coinfunda.com

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