Pluto Digital Assets raises $40M to accelerate investment in blockchain projects

Pluto Digital Assets, a crypto venture capital & technology company, today announced it raised $40 million after closing its latest successful funding round.

The company has now surpassed $50 million total AUM within just 50 days of being established.

This third and largest round to date was led by Argo Blockchain; who will be maintaining their 25% stake with an investment of approx. $10 million. There was also continued investment by two other publicly traded companies; Pires Investments and Riverfort Global Opportunities amongst others.

The Pluto Digital Assets team has extensive networks within Ethereum, Polkadot, and DeFi communities and has experience in launching Web 3.0 projects such as YOP.

Pluto is engaged in the non-fungible token (NFT) collectibles market; and is actively curating a private collection, with the first pieces to be unveiled shortly. Pluto also plans to continue to generate income from its operational activities of running nodes, mining, staking, liquidity provision, and via its engagement with other DeFi protocols.

“We are delighted with the results of the fundraising which was heavily oversubscribed and thank our existing shareholders for their support and welcome our new investors. The funds give us the firepower for an aggressive push to become a leader in decentralized technology investment. We’re already engaged with an epic constellation of projects in the digital assets space and look forward to helping them bring their vision to fruition.”
– Pluto Director, Atif Yaqub


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