Opinion: Bitcoin is natural choice in fight for human rights

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Former world chess champion Garry Kasparov cited advantages of bitcoin and blockchain in the fight for human rights and control over person’s own assets.

Speaking to one of Forbes contributors, chess player Garry Kasparov revealed his views on cryptocurrencies. He noted that, like many other new technologies, blockchain and cryptocurrencies can be used for both good and bad purposes, depending on who’s using it and for what purpose. According to Kasparov, blockchain helps people to gain more control into their own hands, while governments and corporations are trying to increasingly control various areas of human life.

“So I think it’s a natural response of technology to help the public regain the control that has been gradually lost to outside institutions.”

Among the advantages of bitcoin, he noted its fixed emission.

“When you look at the other side, the Fed for instance, you never know how many trillions of dollars will appear on the market tomorrow that will damage your savings.”

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies can also increase the level of privacy of interactions on the Internet, Kasparov said.

“I think the steady rise in popularity of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology as a concept is inevitable, because it’s a response to the shift of power from individuals to states or other institutions that may act on our privacy without our consent.”

Via: 2Coinfox.info

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