On the way to international recognition: the story of Relictum PRO

There are thousands of coins and tokens on the cryptocurrency market right now, and there is no shortage of new projects on the horizon. How not to get lost in this crypto ocean and how to attract a potential client today? We will talk about this with the CTO of the Relictum PRO project, Alexander Strigin, and Nikolai Osipenko, Relictum PRO CMO. 

To start off the interview, could you briefly introduce us to Reclitum PRO?

Alexander: “Relictum PRO is an ultra-modern latest-gen blockchain platform, an ecosystem encompassing various products and services such as a decentralized exchange, an NFT marketplace, a secret chat, decentralized storage, games, etc. The development team has implemented a large number of original tech solutions that helped our system achieve truly outstanding performance. In addition, Relictum PRO boasts a user-friendly interface, versatility, broad functionality, and the highest level of user data protection and privacy.”

  • You are currently running a token sale. How long will it last and what do you plan to do next?

Alexander: “Yes, as you know, at the moment we are running a token sale where you can buy GTN tokens via our website, https://relictumlab.io. We plan to wrap the token sale before the end of the year, that is, by December 31st. And right after that, we will get down to listing the coin on exchanges, which is expected to continue throughout the upcoming year.”

  • So you’re planning to list the token on exchanges?

Alexander: “Yes, we’re already through the stage of preliminary negotiations with several popular crypto exchanges and have secured their approval to list the GTN token. We still need to complete some arrangements, and in 2022, our token will appear on those platforms.”

  • Do you have any predictions for the value of the GTN token?

Alexander: “In the near future, the GTN token is certain to grow. And that statement isn’t based on our enthusiasm alone. The truth is that the value of the GTN token is secured by the innovations built into our blockchain platform, as well as the practical value of all the products based on it. File storage, NFT marketplace, secret chat, etc., are all more-than-relevant offers for a wide range of users. Besides, the growth of a token after it’s listed on an exchange is a pretty common occurrence. 

  • Do you plan to list the USDR stablecoin?

Alexander: “Yes, we are planning to list our USDR stablecoin on exchanges as well so as to make it more convenient for our users to buy, sell, and exchange their assets. In the near future, the GTN token will appear on several crypto exchanges, but USDR will become available later, I can’t be sure as to the exact date yet.”

  • What is the rationale behind the USDR stablecoin?

Alexander: “USDR is a digital counterpart of the fiat dollar on the Relictum PRO platform. Meaning it is a crypto asset, but its value is tied to that of the US dollar. On the crypto market, such assets act as a kind of buffer. You buy USDR for USD (1 to 1) and thus receive cryptocurrency on the chosen blockchain platform, which can then be instantly converted into tokens or coins.”

  • In which countries are blockchain and cryptocurrencies developing the fastest? How are things going with this in Russia?

Nikolay: “The fact is, blockchain has no borders, and it recognizes no states. I can say with confidence that there are crypto users all across the globe, from New Zealand to Greenland, and that blockchain is developing equally fast everywhere. In addition, African states and all third world countries are striving to introduce cryptocurrencies into the daily life of their citizens. A good example of that is El Salvador, where users have set a worldwide record of transactions – their total volume exceeded 2 million in less than three weeks (using the Lightning Network technology, they made up to 65 transactions every second).”

  • Your company is registered in Singapore. Where is the headquarters located? And does it exist at all?

Nikolay: “Our head office is located in Singapore. Most of the employees are scattered across the globe.”

  • How many people are involved in creating Relictum products?

Nikolay: “Today, our team consists of more than 50 specialists, including lawyers, designers, programmers, marketers, translators, financial experts, experts in mathematical sciences, and so on.”

  • How many people are in the Relictum community today? What is the geography of the user base?

Nikolay: “You may not believe it, but in this respect, we have quite a bit to be proud of!

As you know, today, the UN includes 193 states. And we have covered ALL of these states. EVERY SINGLE country in the world has some citizens who know about the Relictum ecosystem and have visited the Relictum Pro website at least once. The Relictum ecosystem numbers more than 50,000 people from every corner of our planet.

In addition, we are boldly moving towards the target of ONE MILLION users, and we have no doubts we’re going to hit that mark soon. Soon enough, the world will be ours for the taking! 

Per aspera ad astra, so to speak. 

For clarity’s sake, here’s a graph with the latest user statistics on our website (pulled from Google Analytics on 10/30/2021).

  • Thank you, Alexander and Nikolay! We hope that you will be able to realise all your plans, and soon the Relictum blockchain ecosystem will be successful with many users.

 You can install the Relictum Node application and learn more about the uniqueness of Blockchain 5.0 technology by following the link: https://relictum.pro

Via: 2Coinfox.info

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