OM – MANTRAchain Rides the Wave of Success With Over 1,227% Gain In The Last 90 Days 

OM – MANTRAchain, the pioneering Cosmos chain designed to adapt to global blockchain regulations, has been on a remarkable upward trajectory in recent times. 

Over the past 90 days, it has surged by an impressive 1,227%, followed by a 370% increase in the last 30 days and a 169% gain in the previous week. Today, it soared by 47%, reaching a new high unseen in over a year, emerging as one of the top daily gainers in the crypto market with a remarkable rise in its 24-hour trading volume.

A significant catalyst driving this surge is OM – MANTRAchain’s initiative to introduce RWAs to the Cosmos Ecosystem. By pioneering the on-chain RWAs market with Cosmos SDK and IBC, it marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of decentralized finance. 

This endeavor not only benefits OM holders but also contributes to the broader adoption of blockchain-based financial instruments.

OM To Serve As Main L1 Token On Mantra Chain

Moreover, OM will serve as the main L1 token of the MANTRA chain, following its approval in the DAO community voting. The co-founder and CEO have elaborated on the significance of this approval and its pivotal role in shaping the MANTRA ecosystem.

The continuous success and momentum of OM – MANTRAchain underscore its commitment to innovation and adaptation in the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape. 

With its groundbreaking initiatives and forward-thinking approach, OM – MANTRAchain is poised to make a significant impact on the decentralized finance sector and blockchain industry as a whole.

As OM – MANTRAchain continues its upward trajectory, investors and enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the next milestones and developments in its journey towards reshaping the future of decentralized finance.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any services.

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