NUTS Finance integrates RenVM to streamline BTC cross-chain exchange

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Ren, an open protocol that enables the movement of value between blockchains, has announced its next integration of RenVM with NUTS Finance, a blockchain development DAO. acBTC, NUTS first dApp now supports native BTC deposits via RenJS. This new feature streamlines the BTC cross-chain process and the minting of acBTC into a single transaction, providing an optimal experience for users.

acBTC is a composite Bitcoin solution on Ethereum, designed to unite ERC20 BTC to maximize usability and interoperability across blockchain networks. The acBTC ecosystem integrates native Bitcoin and ERC20 BTC with a swap, savings, and lending apps into one secure, efficient, and usable standard.

“RenVM provides a seamless user experience for bridging BTC liquidity onto the Ethereum network in a permissionless setting. We look forward to further leveraging the robust product suite by Ren to increase adoption and usability for ERC20 BTC.”
– Terry Lam, Co-Founder of NUTS Finance

acBTC, a composite Bitcoin solution on Ethereum aggregates swap, savings, and lending applications into a single platform


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