NFL Rivals, An NFT-Based Mobile Game, Reached 1 Million Downloads

After being released on the Apple Store and Google Play, the game reached the milestone in less than two months.

The free-to-play game NFL Rivals by Mythical Games has amassed over a million downloads despite its release during the NFL’s off-season and in a hostile crypto environment.

The game, which made its debut on April 26 on the Google Play and Apple Stores, received positive reviews right away and quickly shot to the top of the App Store, as Mythical Games CEO John Linden noted on Twitter at the time:

While reaching milestones like one million downloads is fantastic, Linden stated that he is more concerned in how the game has been received. We currently have about 22,000 reviews and a rating of 4.8 out of 5, which is fantastic.

“It’s fantastic to see that players are playing for about two hours each day. It’s awesome to see players engaged in the action, he continued.

Other data provided by Mythical Games showed that users average six gaming sessions per day and that approximately 15 million matches have been played in NFL Rivals, demonstrating the stickiness of the game.

NFTs are player cards that are used in the game to assemble teams and engage in competition. Every player card has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses and a range of rarity levels, from common to legendary.

Most players, Linden remarked, who are able to play the game without having to buy any NFTs, are “behind the scenes” of the fact that the player cards are NFTs. Every player receives a wallet when they sign up for the game, but the majority of them probably aren’t aware of it until they wish to start interacting with the market to buy, sell, or trade.

According to Linden, 10% of the players have traded player cards, such as those that were made available before Super Bowl LVII, on the market.

Even if players are unfamiliar with Web3 ideas when they first enter, they seem to get the idea that “someone wants to pay me $100 for my cards,” according to Linden. “We love the thought that we can onboard them into the space very gently.”

The NFL partnered with Mythical Games to release its first Web3 game in May 2022, but this isn’t the league’s first Web3 venture; it also has a ticketing collectible platform on Polygon and a collectible marketplace established by Dapper Labs, called NFL All Day.

Other titles by Mythical Games include the racing game Nitro Nation and the open-world multiplayer game Blankos Block Party. In January 2023, the company released its Mythical Marketplace 2.0, and in a funding round led by a16z in 2021, it raised $150 million.


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