New Layer 1 Privacy Blockchain Attracts Cardano and Avalanche Traders After Raising $580,000 in Days

With the broader crypto market experiencing a downturn, Cardano and Avalanche’s bearish trajectories have pushed investors to search for better alternatives, with many focusing on a new presale coin, DTC Exchange, offering an impressive 100x ROI potential backed by a range of cutting-edge features.

In this article, we look at the ongoing expert debate on the prospects of Cardano and Avalanche in light of their recent performances and the upcoming DeFi underdog, DTX Exchange.

Cardano’s Lackluster Performance Pushing Investors Away 

The volatile crypto climate has impeded Cardano’s growth, and its failure to sustain support above $0.5 has raised concerns among investors casting a bearish shadow over its future, with ADA retreating to near $0.44 with a dip of over 5% in the last week.

As investors pull out, CoinMarketCap trends show a roller-coaster trajectory as Cardano struggles to regain its positive momentum and continues its week-long consolidation below $0.5. If bulls fail to counter the rising selling pressure, ADA is likely to test crucial support at $0.4, failing which could result in a bearish trajectory in the coming weeks.

Avalanche Turns Bearish As Selling Pressure Mount 

In contrast to its previous week’s rally to the $40 level, Avalanche has adopted a bearish trajectory amid the broader market downturn, with its price dipping to near $37 as it declined by over 4% in the last 7 days.

According to CoinMarketCap, Avalanche is on a corrective track with investors selling out, as evidenced by the reduced trading volumes; however, the market remains optimistic in a bullish reversal, with 30-day trends showing a growth of over 12%.

Technical analysis indicates Avalanche still has the potential to grow, and if bulls can counter the selling pressure to achieve sustained support above the $40 threshold, AVAX is likely to retrace its previous high point at $60 in March.

Investors Eye 100x Rally as DTX Exchange Announces New Layer 1 Feature

A revolutionary hybrid trading platform, DTX Exchange has positioned itself as a formidable competitor with its cutting-edge features, offering a blend of centralized and decentralized elements to allow users to trade while negating KYC (know your customer) requirements.

Showcasing an impressive $590,000 presale, DTX Exchange is selling out fast, with investors rushing to stage 2 for the chance to buy the DTX token for $0.04. The token’s growing popularity has led analysts to forecast a 100x rally, with many anticipating a price spike to $3 on its public listing.

Traders looking to generate huge returns can take advantage of DTX Exchange’s unmatched 1000x leverage feature while capitalizing on the unparalleled opportunity of its unprecedented 120,000 trading options.

Moreover, the platform’s efficient trading potential and enhanced security have made it a top choice among traders. Users can maximize their trading potential by utilizing the platform’s distributed liquidity pools and protect their assets by taking full control of DTX Exchange’s innovative non-custodial wallet.

Adding to the excitement is the upcoming layer 1 feature that is drawing in crowds from Cardano and Avalanche, and the increased capital inflow is fueling excitement for its massive rally, making it one of the hottest presale coins.


While Cardano and Avalance face challenges amid bearish markets, DTX Exchange is leading the presale ecosystem with its technological prowess and stunning upside potential, and the growing interest from whales has renewed the market’s confidence in its financial prospects.

DTX Exchange continues to assert dominance with its ground-breaking presale performance, and its rapid adoption is paving the way for its explosive growth, which could outpace established players and become one of the most profitable presale coins in 2024.

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