Monad Airdrop Guide (Potential Airdrop)

Key Takeaways

  • Monad is a new Layer-1 blockchain designed to address the limitations of existing blockchains, particularly slow transaction speeds and high fees.
  • It aims to achieve 10,000 transactions per second with faster block times and lower costs.
  • There are current indications of a potential future airdrop program based on community engagement.

What Is Monad?

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Monad is a decentralized, developer-forward Layer-1 smart contract platform that ushers in a new paradigm of possibility through pipelined execution of Ethereum transactions.

The project materially advances the efficient frontier in the tradeoff between decentralization and scalability, and introduces optimizations in four major areas, resulting in a blockchain with a throughput of 10,000 transactions per second.

Monad is still under development, with a planned mainnet launch in Q4 2024 or early 2025. Its success will hinge on overcoming technical challenges and building a strong ecosystem of developers and users.

How To Qualify For An Airdrop?

There isn’t a confirmed airdrop campaign for Monad in the traditional sense, but there are indications of a potential future program based on community engagement.

Monad has a “Social Credit Score” system on their Discord server where users earn points through activities.

To join:

👉 STEP 1: Join Monad’s Discord channel and actively participate.

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👉 STEP 2: Stake or hold Monad ecosystem projects such as Wormhole (W) and Pyth (PYTH).

If you do not want to spend most of your time grinding in the Discord server, you can stake its ecosystem projects to potentially qualify for this campaign.

However, the tokens mentioned are currently trading for just under a dollar, so this is going to be a pretty expensive endeavor, especially if you did not get the PYTH token airdrop itself.

Final Thoughts

That’s about it for this airdrop guide! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on our official social media channels.

For more airdrop guides like this one, visit our Airdrops page, where we cover only the most legit airdrops happening in the crypto space. Good luck!


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