Mercedes-Benz Web3 Arm to Launch Nft Collection With Dao Digital Art Community Fingerprints

The Dutch artist Harm van den Dorpel made a collection of autonomous art called “Maschine.” Ideas about cars inspired it.

Fingerprints DAO, a digital art organization, is working with Dutch artist Harm van den Dorpel and the German car company Mercedes Benz to release a collection of generative art non-fungible tokens (NFTs) based on automotive ideas.

The collection by van den Dorpel is called “Maschine,” it is backed by Mercedes-Benz NXT, the new Web3 arm of the car company that focuses on digital collectibles and virtual experiences.

The collection has 1,000 unique coins based on Ethereum. The artwork looks like a spinning wheel and plays with speed and perception. The auction starts on June 7 as a Dutch auction.

A series of tweets show that Mercedes-Benz NXT plans to release three “core” collections. The creative studio 0xNXT will plan, create, and handle these collections. It also wants to add satellite projects and other projects on the edges of its NFT environment.

Van den Dorpel said that Mercedes-Benz’s focus on new ideas and good looks is similar to what he does when he makes dynamic art.

“It was an honor to be asked for this drop and be given the trust to make a truly generative experimental art piece,” said van den Dorpel. “The technical features given by blockchain have helped consolidate the fluid character of digital art in all its variations, in terms of ownership, provenance, and conservation.”

Fingerprints DAO’s founder, Luiz Ramalho, said that working with Mercedes-Benz NXT helps bridge the gap between new digital and traditional art.
“Regular people that are mostly unaware of the developments in the Web3 space are likely to have their attention drawn to a collaboration like this… we can make them see that there is substance to artworks being made over here, artworks that couldn’t possibly be done without the use of these new technologies,” said Ramalho.

Fingerprints DAO is a decentralized, self-governing group that assembled a gallery of NFT art chosen by a community-elected Curation Committee. Its collection includes Autoglyphs by Larva Labs, Loot Bags, and other works that it calls “inimitable and irreplaceable.”

Mercedes-Benz announced Mercedes-Benz NXT last week, calling it a “long-term commitment to building a dedicated presence within the Web3 community.” According to its website, the new team wants to bring the collectibility of its cars and other items into the digital world and work with all of Mercedes-Benz’s names and product lines.


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