LYOPAY – the application banking system that will change the crypto industry

ICOs began to emerge in the crypto space and are increasingly being adopted in startups as the crypto industry matures. They are a crowdfunding strategy in which digital tokens are distributed to early investors. The method that follows assists the project finances in the development of the project.

However, this is an excellent opportunity to put a project on the market and make it stand out. This is how LYOPAY rose to prominence, as well as through their one-of-a-kind multi-service application. 

Are you interested? Let’s see what they have to offer and what makes their services unique.

LYOPAY Ecosystem

Being a newcomer to the market, the ecosystem of LYOPAY is well-structured, providing a wide range of services to their customers. 

They already have 35,000 active customers and are one of the industry’s largest multi-language teams (50 members) with in-house developers. The platform now has ten agents in the process of going online and the world’s most revolutionary token ecosystem with a real-world use-cases business model.

Their ecosystem is separated into the following sections: 

  • E-Banking: This service includes bank accounts in EUR
  • Wallet: This service supports 15 currencies for crypto wallets.
  • Exchange: Users will have access to fast swap, buy&sell limit, buying with Visa and Mastercard, and a variety of additional services.
  • Earning: Individuals will be able to stake, land, vaulting, cloud mining, and masternode. 
  • Card: the ability to have a virtual and physical Mastercard EU, as well as a virtual Visa, global Mastercard, and gift cards. (the last 2 in progress)
  • Payment options include PIX Brazil, mobile top-ups, and QR code payments. (in progress)

Cold wallet, Launchpad, virtual sim, VPN service, Borrowing, E-commerce, Insurance, and hotel booking are some of the services that will be available and integrated with product and service that are already releases in the market.

What does LYOPAY have to offer?

LYOPAY has figured out how to tackle the cryptocurrency industry’s challenges. It is now much easier to conduct day-to-day transactions, as they have solved the issue of excessive fees and delayed transactions. They implemented KYC and AML compliance and eliminated the barrier of converting crypto and fiat currency.

They integrate the idea of online storage and exchange and introduced a branded offline CoolWallet S on their platform. In addition, the project also established a resource channel for clients, merchants, and traders as a specialized portal branch, and you can find an adviser program to quickly share incentives.

LYOPAY is appropriate for both cryptocurrency and blockchain newcomers, making it accessible to anyone. Other services integrated within the platform include e-commerce, travel booking services, a launchpad area for token offerings, insurance, staking, and much more.  They want to provide as many features as possible to encourage individuals to utilize them. 

LYOPAY falls into the category of super apps available. The project has a new approach to an all-in-one marketplace experience of services and offerings, delivered via in-house technology and third-party integration. They managed to find a solution creating a meeting point to manage both fiat currency and crypto even though these two worlds are still separated.

What comes next?

LYOPAY launched its first ICO in early July 2021, releasing the LYO CREDIT (LYO) token. The token is based on the Binance Smart Chain protocol that is powered by Binance. They have a limited supply of 250 million token units.  Finally, the platform also operates in compliance with KYC, AML, OWASP, and European General Data Protection.

We are sure that we got your attention. If you want to find more about them, you can follow them on their social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, Medium, Youtube.

Do not forget to access their website: LYOPAY


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