KYC-Chain to provide onboarding software for Hong Kong crypto exchange HKVAX

Hong Kong Virtual Asset Exchange (HKVAX), announced today it is working with KYC-Chain to facilitate the on-boarding of customers to the exchange.

KYC-Chain provides live API integrations to government databases with real-time data updates every 24-hours. This includes the authentication of business information for 139 different countries; representing more than 160 million companies, and data checks from over 10,000 data source points.

Sam Fok, COO at HKVAX

“With the world becoming increasingly involved with digital finance, identification and safeguarding security have become all the more important. We are hence pleased to be working with KYC-Chain in making sure our platform not only runs smoothly, but also securely.”
– Sam Fok, HKVAX Co-Founder & COO

HKVAX is a virtual asset exchange that provides trading and support services for institutions looking to invest in crypto-assets,

The HKVAX team is currently in the process of applying for Type 1 & 7 licenses with the Hong Kong SFC.

Source: HKVAX


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