Interchain ecosystem Stakenet joins Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA)

CryptoNinjas » Interchain ecosystem Stakenet joins Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA)

Stakenet, a decentralized blockchain with Lightning Network, Masternodes, and dApps, announced it has joined the Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance (COPA) as the 19th member.

“As some of you may be aware we have already been hit with what we believe is a patent placed on research we had been working on by a large company. We published our research on a system we called Exertive Proof Of Stake (EPOS) which used human body activity to mine cryptocurrency. Two days after we published our article someone on behalf of this large company began the patent process on exactly the same thing which they have been awarded. So for us becoming a member and taking a stand against this kind of activity is something that is very close to our heart.”
– The Stakenet Team

A utility blockchain, Stakenet features Masternodes, Lightning Network, enhanced security algorithms, and cross-chain capabilities. XSN utilizes staking via Trustless Proof of Stake (TPoS) ,  offering a high level of security amongst existing Proof of Stake networks.


The Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance (COPA) is a non-profit community of like-minded people and companies formed to encourage the adoption and advancement of cryptocurrency technologies and to remove patents as a barrier to growth and innovation.

COPA acknowledges that cryptocurrency technology is built on the collaborative efforts of a community made up of developers, engineers, and designers. The success of cryptocurrency is a direct result of the community coming together to build and develop upon existing technologies for the benefit of all, and we believe COPA will help this happen.

The patent pledge and the shared patent library will work in tandem to help drive down the incidence and threat of patent litigation, benefiting the cryptocurrency community as a whole. The patent pledge removes the threat of patents from being used offensively in litigation, while the shared patent library operates as a shield for COPA members to use against patent aggressors.

“As the crypto economy continues to grow, we believe it is important to help empower all projects building towards an open financial system. We look forward to working alongside the members of COPA to create a foundational patent shield for our industry.”
-Brittany Cuthbert, COPA Board Member and Senior Counsel at Coinbase

CryptoNinjas » Interchain ecosystem Stakenet joins Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA)


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