InterCellar ($CELLAR) Airdrop Guide

Key Takeaways

  • InterCellar is a crypto project focused on creating a secure and transparent online marketplace for wine.
  • InterCellar’s system supposedly guarantees that you can track the history of the wine (traceability), confirm its genuineness (authenticity), and allow for easy buying and selling (liquidity) of the wine bottles through digital tokens.
  • The project is conducting a Season 1 airdrop and is giving away over 1 million $CELLAR tokens up for grabs.

What Is InterCellar?

InterCellar is a crypto project focused on the wine and spirits industry. According to its website, it describes itself as “The Wine & Spirits Web3 Marketplace,” where users can discover, collect, and trade the finest bottles on its platform.

The project leverages blockchain technology, establishing a next-generation Web3 marketplace that tokenizes physical bottles into digital assets, ensuring traceability, authenticity, and liquidity as Real-World Assets (RWAs).

How To Qualify For An Airdrop?

InterCellar is currently hosting its Season 1 airdrop campaign with over 1 million $CELLAR tokens up for grabs. Users can earn points, and engage with the community to potentially qualify for the airdrop.

It is worth noting that 8% of the total token supply will be allocated for future Airdrops.

To join:

👉 STEP 1: Head over to and connect to your Twitter/X account.

👉 STEP 2: Farm $CELLAR points by completing easy tasks such as engaging with their contents on X and joining InterCellar’s official Discord server.

👉 STEP 3: Interact with the Daily Spin to earn extra points.

👉 STEP 4: Hope for the best!

Final Thoughts

That’s about it for this airdrop guide! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on our official social media channels.

For more airdrop guides like this one, visit our Airdrops page, where we cover only the most legit airdrops happening in the crypto space. Good luck!


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