Indian Crypto Exchange WazirX Executes 2nd Quarterly WRX Burn

WazirX, India’s leading crypto exchange platform, and it’s also the first Indian exchange to be acquired by the largest international cryptocurrency exchange Binance. Recently, they  completed a second big burn of their native token WRX and we will be talking about their results:

It has been a very big announcement, but we are here to tell you: YES! It is finally completed. How much WRX did WazirX burn this time? Well, nothing less than 3,333,333 WRX (2,47,00,000 INR, the equivalent to 327,833 USD)

WazirX completed the burn in 3 parts over a 5-day period: October 9th, 11th, and 13th.

If you think that WazirX is pretty awesome, now, with these new features and improvements they made, it will be completely amazing for you:

The sixteen tokens in Binance – WazirX inter-wallet transfer option is one of these new changes to optimize your experience. Apart from this one, there were other important announcements, that we will be presenting to you right here:

  • 22 new market pairs
  • WRX listed on 3 crypto exchanges
  • WazirX AMM Protocol announcement
  • WazirX Education Partner Program
  • Live chat support
  • Prizes and giveaways worth over 1,34,50,000 INR (177,000 USD)

5th July 2020 was another important day for all of us. That day, WazirX completed the first WRX burn (Amount Burned: 833,333 WRX – 92.2 Lakhs INR – 120,000 USD.)

This expected burn event has been, since the first one, more than a huge thing. Overall, it means that WazirX is growing, and we are growing with them, so it is more than new for us, it is perfect because we will benefit the most as they announce on their own blog.

“We are working on adding more amazing features to make your trading experience better than before on WazirX! Make sure to invite your friends to WazirX and earn a 50% referral commission on their trading fees.”

As always, WazirX is one of the safest platforms around the world and, the preferred in India. That’s why it is a good choice for you if you want to start in this Crypto Movement new world, even if you are out of India, thanks to the market expansion made by WazirX.

This is not a day thing. The team has been working hard to realize these results.

The amount of WRX burned in that moment, as now, was based on the trading volume of their crypto exchange. That was a big moment for the platform, and, now, it is even better and bigger. Looking back and remembering, WazirX brings you more amazing things: favorite options, trading view charts, and much more.

As they promised, the amount of WRX burned every quarter will increase as well. They are working hard on adding more amazing features to make all our trading experience better than before. 

The burned amount on this fantastic Second Burn this quarter is 300% more than the first one. So, WazirX and us, members of the platform, are celebrating this hit and wondering more excellent results from them.

WazirX is hosting a Highest Trader Kaun Marathon for WRX/USDT on Monday and Tuesday and will be giving away 5,00,000 INR worth WRX! Want to be part of this? I definitely want to!


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