How to Protect your Business from Cybercrime

Steps to take to ensure your company doesn’t fall victim to a data breach or cybersecurity scandal.

Any modern business has plenty to worry about, but cyber scandals are up there in the top spot. A data breach can cause irreparable damage to a company and its reputation. Can you recall the 2018 Cambridge Analytica scandal? A violation has the potential to put you out of business or cause the need for an entire structural rebrand. 

If you want to avoid the average cost of a data breach for a large firm (which is almost $4million), then take the necessary steps to protect your information before it happens. Cyberattacks can happen to anyone and, if a hacker is determined enough, they will find a way in. Therefore, it’s even more critical to protect yourself and your customer’s data.

How to Protect Against Potential Cyber Attacks

If you follow this guidance, you should minimize the risk of a data scandal happening to you.

1 – Update Software Systems

This is essential. No matter what firewalls or antivirus software you choose, it must be updated daily. Virus software includes updates to counter what hackers are doing. Once they invent a firewall, the hackers work hard to knock it down, so they erect another and another, and this continues. 

2 – Install Antivirus

Keeping your software systems up to date is one thing, but you will also want to layer your protection. For example, if you have multiple people using your software every day, and each of them attends various websites, you will need a blanket of cyber security that you can find online. We recommend Norton Antivirus as your base layer. Still, it doesn’t hurt to turn up the sensitivity of your corporate firewall or to use a VPN network to protect your IP address from detection and tracking.

3 – Lawyer Up

It doesn’t hurt to have a lawyer on standby to ensure you comply with local laws. Compliance changes per country, as does the likelihood of attack. Finding a lawyers Sutherland can help you navigate the world of compliance safely. A specialist cybersecurity lawyer can advise you on the potential risks you face. They can even help you devise a strategy to have in place in the event of an attack.

4 – Devise a Cyber Attack Strategy

Working out what you will do if a cyber-attack happens allows you to be prepared for the worst. It will let you fall back on an established set of ground rules, so you are not left rushing to devise a strategy if the time comes. A good process involves studying emerging threats from cybercriminals and a counterplan for if they strike. 

5 – Plan a Clean Up Scenario

If it does happen, you will have to consider the fallout from that. Having a second plan to ensure your reputation is not damaged could work wonders for you. Companies that have a cleanup plan appear honest and transparent throughout the process. If you can do the same, you will come through the worst of it as well as possible.


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