How to Convert BTC to USDT Instantly

Converting your Bitcoin to USDT is basic and also one of the most important things any cryptocurrency enthusiast should know before investing actively and heavily in it. One important reason is that it allows you to quickly pocket your profit before the market starts going south. If you are unable to change your Bitcoin to USDT before it starts plummeting, you end up losing some of your profits.

The process of converting BTC to USDT is quite simple and we will explain the process in this article. It is however important to mention that there are two major platforms that allow conversion between crypto-assets. You can either use a traditional crypto exchange or a P2P exchange. The result of the two is the same, it is the process to get there that differs.

The choice of which platform to use depends on a compromise between how fast you need to convert the Bitcoin and how much you are willing to pay as the exchange rate. Exchange conversion is instantaneous but mostly the exchange rate is usually expensive. P2P Platforms exchange rates are cheaper, but since it is Peer-to-Peer, you have to wait for a potential buyer or seller before the trade is completed. However, you can boycott the slow transaction time by using Remitano’s swap feature.

What is USDT?

USDT is an acronym for United States Dollar Tether. It is a Stablecoin which means that the value remains stable regardless of the volatility in the crypto market. Tether is a safe haven for traders and investors against the volatile cryptocurrency market. It also protects against inflation and fluctuations in volatile times. So basically, if you convert your Bitcoin to USDT it maintains the value for as long you want.

How to convert Bitcoin to USDT instantly

There are different ways to convert Bitcoin to USDT instantly but the most common options are;

  1. Trading the BTC/USDT pair on a spot exchange
  2. Remitano Swap
  3. Dex Swap

Remitano Swap and trading on a spot exchange are the easiest and most intuitive options among the options listed above.


Convert BTC to USDT on a spot exchange

Spot exchanges like Binance allow users to trade one cryptocurrency for another. Such exchanges or markets are called pairs. The BTC/USDT pair is offered by almost every spot exchange platform because of the importance of both assets. With this option, you are basically selling your BTC for USDT at the current market price.

Simply find the BTC/USDT pair on any spot exchange to instantly convert your Bitcoin to USDT. It is important to note that transaction fees vary from one exchange platform to another.


Convert BTC to USDT with Remitano Swap

The Swap feature on Remitano has made the conversion of BTC to USDT and other cryptocurrencies simple, safe, and lightning-fast. It has made it easy for users to convert their crypto without ever leaving their Remitano wallet. It also enables users to easily manage their assets to take advantage of price volatility. Users specifically highlight the simplicity and convenience of using the service as a key feature that has made it their go-to service point.

With Remitano Swap, users are able to:

  •       Make instant conversion between cryptocurrency pairs such as BTC to USDT in the shortest possible time.
  •       Make instant exchange/swap of cryptocurrency with a little fee. That is, users can swap BTC to USDT or any other crypto without worrying about huge trading fees.
  •       Diversify their investment options. Users can now manage their portfolios efficiently to adapt to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Users who own Bitcoin can quickly convert their BTC to USDT or other coins.

How to use Remitano swap

To Swap your cryptocurrencies in Remitano, follow the following steps:

  1. Create an account on Remitano and verify the account
  2. Log in and click on DASHBOARD then choose BTC wallet to copy your wallet address
  3. Load your BTC wallet with the amount you want to swap to USDT. If you do not have any BTC available, you can also simply bitcoin on Remitano P2P.
  4. Visit the wallet page and click on Swap on your BTC wallet.
  5. Choose the USDT as the coin you want to swap into
  6. Enter the amount of the coins you want to swap
  7. Click on “confirm” if you want to continue or” cancel” if you want to cancel your swap
  8. Once you click on Confirm, your swap order will be processed and filled almost instantly and your USDT wallet will reflect your new balance.


How to check the price of Bitcoin

Checking the price of Bitcoin helps you know the current or live price of Bitcoin so you can know for sure the amount of USDT that is required for a certain amount of BTC or the amount of USDT your BTC can successfully change to. There are different sites to do that, one of them is which lists thousands of coins with their current price, market cap, and their maximum supply. Another is With you can input any amount of USDT or BTC and it will bring its live equivalent in other coins or USDT depending on the pair you select.

There are many reasons you might want to convert your crypto asset to USDT but the most important reason is to secure your profit because of the volatile nature of the crypto market.

Remitano swap is now the go-to platform to swap BTC to USDT and other crypto assets because of its security and intuitive user interface. So if you ever want to convert your BTC and USDT, buy bitcoin or USDT, Remitano is the place to be. 


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