Hong Kong crypto exchange Coinsuper to launch its own blockchain

Coinsuper, a Hong Kong-based bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, has announced some new plans for 2021; which includes the launch of its own blockchain.

Presently, Coinsuper supports more than 60 cryptocurrencies and nearly a hundred trading pairs. Coinsuper provides convenient US dollar deposit and withdrawal channels. In 2020, Coinsuper developed technical solutions for hot and cold wallets along with a white label trading system.

Public chain ecology opens the era of dual-track operation

Coinsuper completed independent research and development for the exchange’s ecological public chain in mid to late 2020. The testing work and ecological layout are also under intense planning. The high efficiency, stability, security, easy accessibility, and low operating rate of this public chain will provide a high degree of scalability for subsequent ecological development:

  • The Coinsuper public chain adopts the DPOS consensus mechanism to reduce resource loss caused by POW.
  • High throughput and low delay. One block every 3 seconds; the high-performance TPS reaches 2000, which greatly improves processing efficiency, and is in sharp contrast with the low throughput and high delay of today’s blockchains.
  • On-chain GAS, block revenue, and other network parameters can be voted by the super representatives, and becoming a super representative can also earn platform rewards.
  • Original support for solidity smart contracts. The introduction of smart contract execution can avoid Ethereum contract attacks, and ensure stability and security.

On this basis, the public chain ecology is actively deploying, and a variety of applications will be launched in the future; including not only a variety of DeFi projects to ensure users’ financial product transaction needs, but also rich applications that are combined with multiple industries. The public chain ecology and the Coinsuper centralized exchange have jointly formed a dual-track development model.

Improved centralized exchange to offer more choices for users

Further, Coinsuper will launch its new financial service section this year, combining the advantages of its existing US dollar channel and US dollar trading pairs, to provide a richer range of financial products and derivatives. It is expected to be launched in batches from the early first half of the year.

Via: https://www.cryptoninjas.net

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