Helius Airdrop Guide (Potential Airdrop)

Key Takeaways

  • Helius Labs is a company building infrastructure for crypto-powered software, specifically focused on the Solana blockchain.
  • Their products aim to simplify development on Solana by providing tools like Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) for interacting with the blockchain, APIs for working with tokens, NFTs, and other data, and Webhooks for receiving notifications about blockchain events.
  • They also offer an SDK (Software Development Kit) to help developers integrate these functionalities into their applications.

What Is Helius Labs?

Helius is a company that provides tools and infrastructure to help developers build applications on the Solana blockchain.

Here are some of the services that Helius Labs offers:

  • RPC Nodes – These special servers allow developers to interact with the Solana blockchain. Helius Labs provides fast and reliable RPC nodes to help developers build more responsive applications.
  • APIs – Helius Labs provides several APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that make it easier for developers to build applications on Solana. For example, Helius Labs has APIs for transactions and NFTs.
  • Webhooks – Webhooks allow applications to receive notifications from the blockchain. Helius Labs provides webhooks that can trigger events in an application when something happens on the Solana blockchain.

How To Qualify For An Airdrop?

There is no official information about a potential airdrop for Helius Labs at this time. However, the project is involved in the Solana ecosystem, and some projects in that ecosystem have conducted airdrops in the past. This doesn’t guarantee an airdrop for Helius Labs, but it’s possible.

To join:


  • Some Solana (SOL) tokens

👉 STEP 1: Click on the Solana token balance in your Phantom Wallet.

👉 STEP 2: Click on the “Start earning SOL” button.

👉 STEP 3: Type in “Helius.”

👉 STEP 4: Choose an amount and then click “Stake.”

👉 STEP 5: Hope for the best!

Final Thoughts

That’s about it for this airdrop guide! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on our official social media channels. Good luck!

Via: 2Usethebitcoin.com

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