Grayscale’s Ethereum Trust Trading at Huge Premium, Shows YTD Returns of 679%

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Data has shown that Grayscale’s Ethereum Trust is currently trading at a huge premium against ETH’s net asset value, indicating that there’s a fair amount of FOMO following it.While it’s still hard to determine whether the huge increase was caused by institutional or individual investments, traders should be careful when investing in products with such a high premium.Grayscale’s ETH Trust Shows Incredible YTD ReturnsGrayscale Investment’s Ethereum Trust has shown incredible returns this year, making it one of the most profitable trusts in the crypto industry. According to data from TradingView, the ETH investment vehicle, which is FINRA-approved and available to both retail and institutional investors, has shown year-to-date returns of almost 680%.When compared to the 84% growth ETH showed on the spot market since the beginning of the year, this indicates that Grayscale’s trust is traded at an incredibly high premium.Graph comparing YTD returns of Grayscale’s Ethereum Trust and ETHIs The Premium a Result of Institutional or Retail FOMO?


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