Grand PNT Giveaway on WazirX [Participate and Win]

 pNetwork validates cross-chain composability breaking down the barriers between different blockchain networks. The innovative DeFi protocol is an open network ecosystem that will allow validators to perform cross-chain asset movements in a secure platform.

The pNetwork is a community-driven platform that will be run by its validators but it will be completely decentralized that will ensure transparent governance among its participants. The network is completely decentralized and welcomes any validator who wants to be part of this network.

The pToken or PNT is the utility token that fuels the network. The token is backed by Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) that provides network transparency and MPC (Multi-Party Computation) algorithm that ensures validators governance and helps them to reach consensus in the community, take important decisions, and perform peg-in and peg-out operations. The PNT tokens provide liquidity to the network, facilitates transactions, and provides security to the network.

The PNT token is also required for staking cryptocurrencies, swapping of assets, ensure governance in the community through DAO member voting, Eidoo Card, and DEX operations. PNT tokens are also distributed as rewards among the validators of the network.

On 14th July, pNetwork organized a grand PNT giveaway on the WazirX platform. The grand fest ends on 21st July. Participants can take part and win attractive prizes. Here is the program list:

Grand PNT Giveaway on WazirX: Program List

All deposits, withdrawals, and trading of INR and USDT can take place through intra-wallet transfers via WazirX and the Binance wallet. Other wallets will be added soon!

AMA (Over)

  • Date – 14th July, Wednesday
  • Time – 4 PM, IST
  • Place – WazirX Telegram Group

WazirX will be hosting an AMA session with Michele Montecchi (Eidoo Project Manager) and Andrea Fortugno (Business Developer at pNetwork) at the WazirX Telegram group. Viewers can ask any question regarding pNetwork and get answers from industry experts. 

In part 1, the top 10 questions crowdsourced from Twitter will be asked and viewers will get a chance to win $100 for each question.

In part 2, the group will be muted and viewers will get an opportunity to ask live questions to Andrea and Michele. The top 5 questions will win a cash prize of $50.


Quiz (Over)

  • Date- 16th July, Friday
  • Time – 6 PM, IST
  • Place – WazirX Telegram Group

Viewers of the Telegram group can participate in the exciting quiz session and win prizes for sharing their knowledge on pNetwork. There will be 10 questions and for each correct answer, there will be a minimum prize of $10. The first prize is $100.


Trivia Contest

The Trivia contest will be another exciting place where you can earn prizes. It will be held at the WazirX Instagram group. Viewers must follow the Instagram story. There will be a total of 5 questions and for each question, there will be a prize worth 15 PNT.


Highest Trader Kaun Marathon

  • Date – 19th July to 21st July, Monday to Wednesday
  • Time – 9 AM, IST
  • Prize: Total prize of ₹10,35,000 (~ $13,500) worth PNT! You can win prizes based on your trading performance for the entire 48-hours.


This is an exciting opportunity to trade and earn PNT/INR on the WazirX platform. Top 200 traders can earn cash prizes up to INR 10, 35,000 ($13,500). It is a 48-hour long non-stop trading marathon and participants can take part any time between Monday and Wednesday. Trading prizes will depend on your entire performance throughout the 48-hour long marathon.


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