Grand PAXG Giveaway on WazirX [Participate and Win]

PAXG or PAX Gold cryptocurrency was created by the Paxos Trust Company and is regulated by the Department of Financial Services, NY. One PAXG token is equivalent to one fine t oz of 400 oz of the London Good Delivery gold bars stored in the Brink’s vaults, known for its purity and size. PAXG is an ERC20-compliant token and has been built on the Ethereum blockchain. PAXG is accepted all over the world and can also be redeemed for USD. If you hold more than 430 PAXG, you can redeem and exchange them for physical gold bars with retailers across the USA and Canada.

Fees: Charges for redeeming and creation of PAXG vary from 0.03% to 1% based on the volume of trade. Transaction fees are as low as 0.02%. The minimum purchase limit is 0.01 PAXG. There are no storage fees.


PAXG Listing and Giveaway on WazirX

On Monday, 17th May, PAXG was listed on WazirX where users can trade, buy, and sell PAXG in the USDT and INR market. What is more interesting is that WazirX hosted a wide range of interesting activities for users to participate in and earn prizes. You can deposit and withdraw PAXG to and from your Binance wallet on WazirX.

Giveaway Program Schedule:

AMA with Carl Vogel and Paxos Global

 An interactive AMA session was organized with Carl Vogel, Senior Product Manager of Paxos Global. In the first part of the session, 10 questions were crowdsourced from the Twitter account and were asked to Carl. In the second part, the session was unmuted and participants got a chance to ask questions live to Carl. The top ten questions from the Twitter account will get prize money of $100 and the top five live questions from the Telegram group will get a chance to win $50 per question.


Quiz Session

 Participants could also join the Telegram group and participate in the quiz session. The top 10 lucky winners will get cash prizes. The first prize is $50.


Fun Trivia Contest

 The Trivia contest was hosted on the Instagram account. Interested participants can follow the Instagram story for live updates. On 20th May, 5 questions were asked on the Instagram story. For each correct answer, winners could win 0.0054 PAXG.


“Highest Trader Kaun” Marathon

  • Date – Contest 1 timing: Monday, 24th May, 9 AM to Wednesday, 26th May, 9 AM IST
    Contest 2 timing: Monday, 31st May, 9 AM to Wednesday, 2nd June, 9 AM IST
  • Time – 9 AM Thursday to 9 AM Saturday

 Take part in the 48-hour trading marathon and get a chance to win total prizes of INR 7,20,000 (9,000 USD) worth of PAXG. Participants can take part any time in one or both of the contests.


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